2007-2008 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Consultations

Chase, Steve, Brian Godfrey, and Hilary Silver. Program Evaluation Team, Occidental College’s Urban Environmental

Dreyer Leon, Susan. Consultant, Westminster Schools, Westminster, VT, September 2007;June 2008.

Dreyer Leon, Susan, Peter Eppig, William Vinton, and Maura Hart. Project Leaders, River Valley Technical Center, Springfield, VT, August 2007;April 2008.

Eppig, Peter. Trainer, Somerset County Public Schools Westover, MD and Rainard School, TX.

Eppig, Peter. Consultant, Sanborn Regional School District, Kingston, NH, December 2007;March 2008.

Gentile, Susan. Consultant, Northfield Mount Hermon School Costa Rica Study Abroad Program, Mount Hermon, MA, April 2007;April 2008.

Griffith, Bill. Consulting Psychologist, Independent Pro Bono Consultations, ongoing.

Gruber, James. Consultant, Monadnock Conservancy, Keene, January 2008;current.

Gruber, James. Consultant, New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Community Technical Assistance Project (Growth Planning), Concord, NH, July 2007;current.

Gruber, James. Project Leader, Cool Monadnock (Green house gas reduction initiative with Clean Air-Cool Planet), Keene, NH, October 2007;current.

Hoppin, Bo. Facilitator, Boston Environmental Education Network, Boston, MA, July 2007;June 2008.

Hoppin, Bo. Advisor, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Annapolis, MD, February 2008.

Julius, Tom. Consultant, Hopkinton Independent School, Hopkinton, NH, March 2008.

Kaplin, Beth A. and Apollinaire, William. Consultants, Wildlife Conservation Society, Rwanda, April 2008.

Mellen, Donna. Consultant, The National Conference for Community & Justice of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, Springfield, MA, and Windsor, CT, September 2007;November 2007.

Mellen, Donna and Peter Smith. Trainers, New England Institute of Addiction Studies Leadership Institute, Keene, NH, January 2008.

Miller, Jane and Kari Smith. Curriculum Developers, Surry Village Charter School, Surry, NH, April 2008;May 2008.

Palmiotto, Peter A. Consultant, Smartwood, Concord, VT, May 2008.

Roysircar, Gargi. Consultant, Multicultural Center for Research and Practice, Antioch University New England, June 2007;July 2008.

Roysircar, Gargi. Consultant, Foundation for the Mid-South and the American Red Cross, Mississippi, January 2008;July 2008.

Simpson, Michael. Consultant, Collaborative Working Group, St. Gallen Switzerland, Monrovia, Liberia, July 2007;June 2008.

Simpson, Michael, Jeffrey Littleton, Sean Sweeney, and Craig Oshkello. Researchers, City of Keene, NH, June 2008;October 2008.

Smith, Peter. Consultant, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Saco, ME, September 2007;May 2008.

Smith, Peter. Consultant, Hanover Insurance Company, Worcester, MA, January 2008;April 2008.

Sobel, David. Consultant, RFP Development and Program Launch for the Place-based Education Initiative, Great Lakes Fisheries Trust, Detroit and Lansing, MI.

Thiet, Rachel. Consultant, Educational Testing Institute: Environmental Science Advanced Placement, Omaha, Nebraska, June 2008;June 2008.

Thomas, Laura and Virginia Clifford. Trainers, New Hampshire Department of Education- Professional Development Master Plan Development, NH, May 2007;June 2008.

Thomas, Laura. Consultant, SAU 14, Epping, NH, August 2006;June 2008.

Tomey, Ed. Consultant, Endowment for Health, Concord, NH, July 2007;June 2008.

Tomey, Ed. Consultant, The Compass Group, Inc., Aldie, Virginia, July 2007;June 2008.

Tomey, Ed. Facilitator, New Hampshire Mental Health Commission, Concord, NH, July 2007;June 2008.

Wessels, Tom, Meade Cadot, and Sarah Bockus. Pisgah Technical Team, Keene, NH, January 2007;present.

Wessels, Tom. Consultant, 21st Century Parks, Louisville, KY, April 2008.