2006-2007 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Consultations

Chandler, Polly, with students Sarah Gates, Michelle Bourassa, Robin Schue, and Beth Krusi. First Course, Gilmanton School, Keene State College, Monadnock Developmental Services, and Prospect Place, Keene, NH, September 2006;June 2007.

Coven, Judy. Consultant, Surry Village Charter School, Surry, NH, November 2006;June 2007.

Dreyer Leon, Susan and Laura Thomas. Consultants, Westminister Schools, VT, September 2006;present

Eppig, Peter. Consultant, Maine Math and Science Alliance, Augusta, ME, October;November 2006.

Eppig, Peter. Consultant, Upper Valley Teacher Institute, Lebanon, NH, October 2006;March 2007.

Fauth, Jim, and students Sarah Gates and Randi Sullivan. Program Evaluators, Suicide Prevention Grant, Keene State College Counseling Center, Keene, NH, June 2006;present.

Fauth, Jim. Consultant, Granite Hills Behavioral Health, Monadnock Family Services, Keene, NH, July 2006;present.

Hoppin, Bo. Facilitator, Boston Environmental Education Network, Boston, MA, October 2006;June 2007.

Hoppin, Bo. Consultant, Boston Nature Center, Boston, MA, July 2006;June 2007.

LaBrusciano, Ron. Consultant, Warren Community School, Warren, ME, March 2007.

Miller, Jane. Consultant, Neighborhood Schoolhouse, Brattleboro, VT, May 2006;February 2007.

Mellen, Donna, Polly Chandler, and students Sarah Gates, John Everest, and Claudia Needham. Consultants, Keene State College, Keene, NH, August 2006;March 2007.

Palmiotto, Peter A. Reviewer, Jeffress Research Grant, April 2007.

Palmiotto, Peter A. Reviewer, Earthwatch, June 2007.

Simpson, Michael. Consultant, German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ), Gouda, Netherlands, August 2006;June 2007.

Simpson, Michael. Consultant, Collaborative Working Group, St. Gallen, Switzerland, January 2007;May 2007.

Smith, Peter. Consultant, Central Maine Medical Family, Lewiston, ME, September 2006;December 2006.

Smith, Peter, Donna Mellen, and Ann Driscoll. Consultants, New England Institute of Addiction Studies-Leadership Institute, Augusta, ME, September 2006;June 2007.

Sobel, David. Consultant, Place-based Education Initiative, Great Lakes Fisheries Trust, Detroit and Lansing, MI, 2006;2007.

Sobel, David. Advisory Board, National Science Foundation, Bioregional Outdoor Education Program of the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education in Monticello, UT, 2006;2007.

Thomas, Laura, Bill Vinton, Vivian Buckley, and Phil Grant. School Coaches, Epping High School, NH, July 2006;present.

Thomas, Laura. Trainer, Lin-Wood High School, Lincoln, NH, August 2006;May 2007.

Thomas, Laura and Susan Dreyer Leon. Critical Friends Group Coach, Westminster Center School, VT, August 2006;May 2007.

Tomey, Edward J. Consultant, Endowment for Health, Concord, NH, July 2006;June 2007.

Tomey, Edward J. Consultant, NH Mental Health Commission, Concord, NH, July 2006;June 2007.

Tremblay, George. Consultant, Women’s and Children’s Health Unit, Cheshire Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Keene, NH, March 2006;present.

Tremblay, George. and students Michael Duffin and Meghan Phillips. Consultants, Place-Based Education Evaluation Collaborative, Boston, MA, September 2005;May 2007.

Wessels, Tom. Consultant, Twenty-first Century Parks, Louisville, KY, March 2007.