2011-2012-Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Presentations

Abrash Walton, Abigail, Blockstein, D., & Bartholomew, C. Translating Research into Policy: How to Participate Effectively in the Public Policy Process, National Conference on Science, Policy & the Environment, AUNE and National Council for Science & the Environment, Washington, DC, January 17, 2012.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Building Social Capital, Health and Economy through Sustainable Modes of Transportation: Strategies and Tactics for Effective Change, 7th Biennial Keene State College Symposium, Keene, New Hampshire, November 2011.

Borden, Kathi. Putting the Pieces Together: Connecting Mission, Goals, Objectives, Competencies, and Curriculum. National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology conference, New Orleans, January, 2012.

Blanchard, Amy. The Couple Relationship and Perinatal Depression: Considerations for Assessment and Treatment, New Hampshire Perinatal Depression Learning Collaborative, Concord, New Hampshire, February 2012.

Caruso, David. Economic Renewal: Jump-Starting a Sustainable Economy through ACUPCC, Climate Leadership Summit, American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), Washington, DC, June 2012.

Caruso, David. Higher Education’s Role in Adapting to a Changing Climate, 2012 Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference, University of Maryland College Park, Maryland, April 2012.

Chase, Steve & Chandler, Polly. Climate Change and Hope, Social Justice Committee Presentation, Faith Based Communities in Keene, New Hampshire, February 2012.

Devereaux, Christina, Giordano-Adams, A., Hernandez, R., Ortega, R., & Soccaras, J.
Dance/Movement Therapy in Clinical Practice, Invited presentation for Psicoballet, Havana, Cuba, March, 2012.

Devereaux, Christina. Moving into Relationship: Dance/Movement Therapy with Children. (Invited Keynote Address), The First International Forum of Expressive Education and Therapy for Children, Beijing, China, August, 2011.

Dreyer Leon, Susan & Stanley, Claire. Mindfulness and Reflection: Tool for Clarity, Creativity and Compassion, Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education’s third annual conference, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, November 2011.

Elder, Jennifer. Effective Board Presentations,  Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants Inc.’s Government and Not for Profit Conference, Towson, Maryland, April 2012.

Elder, Jennifer. Seminar Social Media ; Who Gives a Tweet? Central States Bottled Water Association Annual Convention and Trade Show, October 2011.

Fauth, James. Integrated Care, Annual Fall Forum, New Hampshire Public Health Association, Bedford, New Hampshire, October 2011.

Finser, Torin. Organizational Integrity and Healthy Waldorf Schools, and School Renewal Personal and Professional Development. National Teachers Conference, Sydney, Australia. January 2012.

Finser, Torin. Living a Spiritual Life in an Age of Materialism, Orchard Valley Waldorf School, East Montpelier, Vermont, February 2012.

Hertneky, Robbie. Composing Our Lives As Women and As Leaders Sage Journal, Advances in Developing Human Resources (AHRD). March 2012.

Hertneky, Robbie. Composing our Lives As Women and as Leaders, Annual conference, International Leadership Association, London, England, October 2011.

Julius, Thomas. Assessing Graduate Level Programs: Practices and Results, New England Educational Assessment Network Fall Forum, Worcester, Massachusetts, November 2011.

Julius, Thomas. Evolving Education: The Role of Charter Schools in New Hampshire, New Hampshire Public Charter School Association Professional Development Conference, New Hampshire Public Charter School Association, Merrimack, New Hampshire, March 2012.

Kaplin, Beth. Capacity Building and Empowerment in Tropical Ecology and Conservation, workshop organized at Association for Tropical Ecology and Conservation, Bonito, Brazil, June 2012.

Loman, Susan. Kestenberg Movement Profile Training Program, Workshop at Munich Dance Therapy Program, Europaisches Zentrum fur Tanztherapie, Munich, Germany, July, 2011.

Loman, Susan. Collaboration through Movement: KMP Movement Patterns Underlying Mutuality and Disconnection, 46th Annual Conference of the American Dance Therapy Association, American Dance Therapy Association, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October, 2011.

Mangione, Lorraine. Relationship as Central to Supervision, Maine Psychological Association Annual Conference, Maine Psychological Association, Portland, Maine, November 2011.

Mangione, Lorraine. Chair of Symposium. From the Internalization of Object to New Relationship: The Italian American Experience of Grief and Mourning, Annual Convention, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, August, 2011.

Murphy, Megan J., Barrera, A., Deets, L., Stewart, S., Muller, A., & Abbott, K. Couples’ Roles, Communication Patterns, and Intimate Justice, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference, Fort Worth, Texas, September 2011.

Murphy, Megan J. & Deets, L. Emotional Labor and Cohesion in Married and Unmarried Couples, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference, Fort Worth, Texas, September 2011.

Portrie-Bethke, Torey. Adventure Based-Counseling: A Strength Based Perspective for Facilitation of Client’s Emotional, Physical, and Mental Health, Play Therapy Association, South Dakota. Spearfish, South Dakota. (Invited), 2011.

Palmiotto, Peter. Natural and Human History of Mount Monadnock, Harris Center for Conservation Education, Hancock, New Hampshire, February 2012.

Palmiotto, Peter. Mount Monadnock stewardship program and panel discussion on alpine stewardship programs in the Northeast, Sixth Alpine Stewardship Gathering, Waterbury, Vermont, November 2012.

Pantesco, Vic. Clinical Hypnosis: Features, Myths, and Applications In Medicine and Therapy, Center for Counseling and Psychological Health at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts, December 2011.

Pantesco, Vic.  Creating and Sustaining Professional Boundaries in the Workplace, Monadnock Regional School District, October 2011.

Rosen, Jeff. The Business of Food: Bringing the Private Sector to the Table, Slow Living Summit, Brattleboro, Vermont, May 2012.

Rosen, Jeff. Sourcing Deals from Intermediaries and Other Platforms, PRI Makers Network + More for Mission national conference, Seattle, Washington, May 2012.

Roysircar, Gargi. Plenary session speaker, Hope for Hard Work and Looking for a Better life: Welcome  to English Class and our Neighbors. The 29th Annual Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York, February 2012.

Roysircar, Gargi. Disaster Response Competencies of Responders: A Pilot Study.  Paper at the American Psychological Association annual conference, Washington, DC, August 2011.

Simpson, Michael. Workshop on materials handling and facility sizing and design, Northeast Recycling Conference and Exposition, Manchester, New Hampshire, June 2012.

Simpson, Michael. Ramification of Increased Frequency or More Intense Storms on the Stability of Riparian Corridors and the Impact to Aquatic Organism Habitat, Northeast Meeting of Environmental Biologists, Falmouth, Massachusetts, March 2012.

Sobel, David. Keynote panel, National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Conference, Austin, Texas, October 2011.

Sobel, David. Keynote lecture and workshop. Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.  Place-based Education Conference.  November 2011.

Straus, Martha. Intentional Parenting, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, May 2012.

Straus, Martha. Undoing Aloneness: Strategies for Co-Regulation in Traumatized Adolescents, Vermont Foster and Adoptive Family Association Spring Conference, Burlington, Vermont, March 2012.

Thomas, Laura. Great Big Backpack The Critical Skills Program, 2012 PDK/PLT International Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, February 2012.

Thomas, Laura. Next Gen Professional Learning, EduCon 2.4, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 2012.