2010-2011 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Presentations

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Values into Action: Effective Strategies for Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Justice & Sustainability, College Sustainable Business & Communities program residency workshop, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, May 2011.

Abrash Walton, A., Morrison, S. Campus Sustainability Initiatives: What Helps, What Hinders? AASHE 2010 Conference & Expo, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Denver, CO, October 2010.

Chandler, Polly. Servant Leadership and Facilitating Change: Transformation, Evolution, and Resilience, 21st Annual International Servant Leadership Conference, Greenleaf Center, Dallas, TX, June 2011.

Curtin, Charles. Linking resilience and complex systems, Resilience meetings, Resilience Alliance, Phoenix, AZ, March 2010.

Elder, Jennifer. Say It Right the First TimeEffective Communication in the Workplace, MACPA Government and Non-Profits Conference, Maryland Society of Certified Public Accountants, Baltimore, MD, April 2011.

Elder, Jennifer. Sustainability and the CPA, The CPA Summit, Maryland Society of Certified Public Accountants, Baltimore, MD, June 2011.

Fauth, James. Integrated Care, Annual Fall Forum, New Hampshire Public Health Association, Bedford, NH, October 2011.

Fauth, J., Tremblay, G. Improving Quality with Practice-Based Participatory Research, Science of Dissemination and Implementation, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD, March 2011.

Finser, Torin. Freedom and Initiative: How Can the Individual Human Being Make a Difference in Today’s World? Third International English Conference at the Goetheanum, General Anthroposophical Society, Dornach, Switzerland, August 2010.

Grogan, Richard. The Vanishing Wetlands of South Louisiana: A Typology of Drivers, Dimensions of Political Ecology: Conference on Nature Society Research, Lexington, KY, February 2011.

Julius, T., Koshar, S. Becoming a Village: A Mission Unfolds, Annual Professional Development Conference, New Hampshire Public Charter Schools Association, Merrimack, NH, March 2011.

Kaplin, Beth A. Building capacity to biodiversity conservation in Rwanda, Speaker Series, Hartwick College and Pine Lake Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Oneonta, NY, February 2011.

Kaplin, Beth A., Martino, R., Bizuru, E. Relationship between the buffer zone and ecological processes within a tropical forest protected area, Association for Tropical Ecology & Conservation, Arusha, Tanzania, June 2011.

Loman, Susan. Keynote Presentation: Interaction with Children with Aggression, Moving From Within Conference, Europäisches Zentrum für Tanztherapie, Freising, Germany, July 2010.

Loman, Susan, Sossin, K. M., Birklein, S., Hastie, S., Kestenberg Amighi, J. Clinical and Cultural Challenges and The Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP), ADTA National Conference, American Dance Therapy Association, Brooklyn, NY, September 2010.

Mangione, Lorraine, Frances Braun, Vanessa Leary, Marielena Tecce. Alice in Wonderland, Reflecting Mirrors, and the Doppler Effect: Dynamics of self and other in novice training groups, American Group Psychotherapy Association Annual Conference, American Group Psychotherapy Association, New York City, March 2011.

Mangione, Lorraine, Urbano, Rachel. The Use of Poetry in Identity Formation in Italian American Women, Italian American Mental Health and Wellness Conference, Calandra Institute, New York City, NY, October, 2010.

Mellen, Donna. Shifting Toward Life’s Energy: Positive Approaches to Organizations, Change, and Sustainability, Net Impact chapter, Antioch University New England, March 2011.

Palmiotto, Peter, Beck, Emily. Collaboration on Mount Monadnock: Ecological Monitoring Partnership, 2010 NEEEA/POP Conference, New England Environmental Education Alliance, Fairlee, VT, 2010.

Palmiotto, Peter. Poster on: Crevice Community Research with Keene High School Students, Antioch University New England, Workshop on alpine research in the Northeastern United States, Bretton Woods, NH, April 2011.

Pantesco, Victor. Recognizing and sustaining proper boundaries with students and colleagues, Opening keynote speaker and subsequent training for NH School District 29, SAU 29, Keene, NH, August 2010.

Pantesco, Victor. Clinical Hypnosis with Medical Populations: Myths, Perspectives, and Applications, Workshop for Medical personnel: physicians, nursing, psychologists, social workers, Harvard Medical Vanguard Group, Boston MA, March 2011.

Portrie-Bethke, T. L., Christian, D, D., Elliott, A., Marpole, G., Brown, W., Taylor, S., Garofalo, R. Adventure Based Counseling: Creative therapeutic interventions for children and adolescents, American Mental Health Counseling Association National Conference, American Mental Health Counseling Association National Conference, Boston, MA, July 2010.

Portrie-Bethke, T. L., Smith, A. L., Willis, C., Woods, F., Parmenter, A., Elliott, A., Weddle, R., Eames, H. Promoting wellness strategies and self-care methods for sustaining healthy mental health counselors, American Mental Health Counseling Association National Conference. Boston, MA, July 2010.

Roysircar, G., Brodeur, M. Assessment of resilience and its protective factors in disaster outreach volunteers, Annual Conference, American Psychological Association, San Diego, CA, August 2010.

Roysircar, G., Pignatiello, V., Mayo, J., Mayo, J., Podkova, M., Pak, N., Lanza, A., & Petrone, K. The Token Game: Developing awareness of power in social systems, Winter Roundtable, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY, February, 2010.

Wessels, Tom. Why Vibrant Connections to Nature are Critical for Human Well-being, North American Montessori Teachers Annual Conference, North American Montessori teachers Association, Seattle, WA, March 2011.

Wessels, Tom. Reading the Forested Landscape, Year of the Forest, Cuyahoga National Park, Hudson, Ohio, March 2011.

Willis, Carlotta, Rivera, Lourdes. Infusing Social Justice in the Teaching of Career Counseling, NARACES Regional Conference, North Atlantic Region Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, New Brunswick, NJ, September 2010.

Willis, Carlotta, NCDA/ACES commission members. Career Style Interview Applications in Teaching Career Counseling Courses, NCDA National Conference, National Career Development Association, San Francisco, CA, July, 2010.