Bidimensional Acculturation Scale for Hispanics

Marín, G., & Gamba, R. J. (1996). A new measurement of acculturation for Hispanics: The Bidimensional Acculturation Scale for Hispanics (BAS). Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science, 18(3), 297-316.

Reports the development of a bidimensional acculturation scale for Hispanics (BAS). The scale provides an acculturation score for 2 major cultural dimensions (Hispanic and non-Hispanic domains) by including 12 items (per cultural domain) that measure 3 language-related areas. A random sample of 254 adult Hispanics was surveyed to develop and validate the scale. Ss were also asked to answer the Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanics as a way to measure the concurrent validity of the new scale. The scores obtained with the BAS show high internal consistency and high validity coefficients. Results show that the scale works well with Mexican Americans and with Central Americans.