African American Acculturation Scale

Landrine, H., & Klonoff, E. A. (1994). The African American Acculturation Scale: Development, reliability, and validity. Journal of Black Psychology, 20(2), 104-127.

The African American Acculturation Scale is a 74-item scale which has shown good initial construct and concurrent validity (Landrine & Klonoff, 1994). The scale is comprised of eight theorized dimensions of African American culture. These dimensions are: 1) traditional African American religious beliefs and practices, 2) traditional African American family structure and practices, 3) traditional African American socialization, 4) preparation and consumption of traditional foods, 5) preference for African American things, 6) interracial attitudes, 7) superstitions, and 8) traditional African American health beliefs and practices. These subscales have been shown have high internal consistency, and the full scale has high split-half reliability.