APA 2013 Conference Symposium

Gargi Roysircar and Disaster Shakti of the Dept of Clinical Psychology presented a symposium at the APA conference in Hawaii on August 4th.

The presenters and the title of their symposium were:

Roysircar, G., O’Leary K., Boudreau, M., Afolayan, A., Hulslander, T., Tellock, P., Moran, K., & Conley, M. (August, 2013). Disaster mental health service in Haiti: Vision, practicum, and research. Symposium (Chair, Roysircar) at the Annual Conference of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI.

The following papers were presented at this symposium.

A Vision for International Disaster Response (Gargi Roysircar)

Disaster Mental Health Practicum in Haiti and Qualitative Analyses of Process Notes (Melissa Boudreau, 4th yr. PsyD)

Multicultural Measurement of Haitian House-Tree-Person Drawings (Kevin O’Leary, 2nd yr. PsyD)

Haitian Children’s House-Tree-Person Drawings: Global Similarities and Differences (Bola Afolayan, 4th yr. PsyD)

The discussant of the symposium was Michael Salzman, PhD, Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology, University of Hawaii-Manoa. Dr. Salzman has worked extensively with American Indian school children in reservations and with their trauma experiences.