Antioch University New England Multicultural Center for Research and Practice

The Antioch University New England Multicultural Center for Research and Practice (Multicultural Center) promotes multiculturalism within a social justice orientation. The term multicultural is applied broadly to include issues of minority or marginalized status, as related to race, ethnicity, culture, class, use of English as a second language, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, spirituality, and the elderly. Established in the fall of 2000, the Multicultural Center has a focus on culturally diverse and immigrant youth, adults, and families in the New England area.

The mission of the Antioch University New England Multicultural Center has four elements:

  1. To develop products and functions, such as multicultural training workshops, panel presentations, and colloquia; mentoring and tutoring outreach to language minority adults and children in school and community ESL programs; conversation services to individuals with disabilities and senior citizens; multicultural assessment consultation; quantitative and qualitative assessment tools; web-based resources on multicultural test titles; multicultural topics in psychology; multicultural awareness exercises; a multicultural syllabus archive; and organizing multiethnic potluck gatherings.
  2. To educate and consult with students, trainees, professionals, educators, and other providers and consumers of multicultural services so as to promote social justice.
  3. To document through systematic research, the most competent, useful, and reliable ways of providing multicultural services and assessment with solid empirical support.
  4. To promote and advance student and community organizations, such as the Support Group for Ethnic and Racial Diversity of the Clinical Psychology program, Keene ESOL Community Education Program, Community Strategies of New Hampshire, and the Newcomers Group of the Keene area.