Long Term Project Goals


Peter Palmiotto and studentThrough several long-term ecological research projects, the MERE Project is working to develop an in-depth understanding of Mount Monadnock’s current ecological patterns and processes. As our global climate changes in the years to come, the MERE Project will monitor its progression by looking at what changes occur to the composition of the natural communities of Mount Monadnock.

The MERE Project will also conduct social science research on Mount Monadnock. We will look deeply into the cultural significance of Monadnock, reasons why so many people flock to the mountain, what motivates people to climb Mount Monadnock, and how a person’s environmental stewardship behavior is affected by their experience on the mountain.

Education & Outreach

Information collected through the MERE Project’s research will be available to the public through our website, community presentations, trail stewards and educational programs on Mount Monadnock, curricular programs at schools, scientific and popular articles, and other appropriate venues. The MERE Project will work to inform the public of how people’s actions affect Mount Monadnock, and provide opportunities for both visitors and regional residents to engage in meaningful environmental stewardship behaviors.


All of our work in research and education will also help the MERE Project to support and enhance the work of the organizations that manage and care for Mount Monadnock’s ecosystems. Research findings will provide valuable information to these organizations about which species are threatened by climate change or trampling by humans, thereby giving these organizations concrete data to support management decisions. The MERE Project’s education and outreach will also provide an effective venue for educating the public of how management decisions are being made to preserve the spirit and ecology of Mount Monadnock for future generations to enjoy and learn from.