The Monadnock Advisory Commission

Monadnock from AboveEstablished in 1976, the Monadnock Advisory Commission (MAC) was the first attempt to view Mount Monadnock on a regional scale. MAC’s main purpose is to oversee and recommend specific management policies and practices for Monadnock, Gap, and Little Monadnock Mountains.

The Commission consists of two members from each of the surrounding towns-Dublin, Jaffrey, Marlborough, Fitzwilliam, and Troy; the Director of the Division of Forests and Lands; the Director of the Division of Parks and Recreation; and the President of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

MAC was created to ensure that the growing popularity of Mount Monadnock not be allowed to compromise the integrity of this national natural landmark and its visitors’ experiences; to ensure the perpetual availability of recreational and educational benefits of Mount Monadnock, Little Monadnock and Gap Mountain; and ensure consistent management over these lands and their connecting corridors.

Monadnock Advisory Commission’s Brochure (PDF 446K)