Keene High Pilot Project

MERE group

Keene High School’s
AP Environmental
Science Class
with Antioch students and
professors from MERE
on the top of
Monadnock. September 2008.

The Educational Goals of MERE include getting the community involved in studying Monadnock. That’s why MERE is collaborating with the AP Environmental Studies (APES) students at Keene High. By working with APES students, we are able to establish permanent plots that the students will be able to return to year after year to monitor and document changes in the communities. Working with these students on this project will assist them in learning research and sampling methods, while also gaining the ability to accurately monitor the crevice communities of Monadnock.

Completed Crevice Community Research

So far, we have made our pioneer trip up the mountain with the APES students. In September of 2008, Peter Palmiotto of Antioch University New England, four Antioch graduate students, two Keene High Teachers, and over two full classes of students climbed Monadnock with the goal of testing their sampling methods. Prior to the trip, the students had worked with MERE graduate students and their teacher, Marshall Davenson, to create a plan on how to measure and monitor the crevice communities. The goal of this trip was not to establish permanent plots, but to test their sampling methods and get a feel for the experiment. Although the students were faced with many tough challenges, they were able to leave the mountain that day knowing some of the challenges of conducting field research and ideas on how to improve their methods in order to set up permanent plots in the future.

Students taking measurements of crevices.

Antioch Professor Peter Palmiotto
instructing APES students on sampling

Peter speaking with KHS students

APES students taking measurements of
crevice communities on top of Monadnock