Educational Initiatives

MERE has several educational initiatives that range from public contact (See: Mount Monadnock Summit Steward Program ) to research and citizen science for high school and college students (See: Adopt A Crevice Community).

We are also hard at work developing materials that hikers, families, classroom teachers, and other educational professionals can use to expand understanding of the mountain and the region. Below is an outline of a curriculum that is expanding and being developed. Check back as many of these entries transform to links.

MERE Curriculum Outline

General Info

  • Links to Maps, guides, Warnings/Leave No Trace Principles, Volunteers: How can I get involved?

Experiencing Monadnock

  • Overview, Basic Trip Activities for First Timers, Scavenger Hunts (Nature, Culture, For the Very Young, For the Not So Young), Monadnock Through the Seasons, Sample Hikes and Activities

Ecology on the Mountain

  • Overview, Ecology overview lesson, Alpine Plants (Strategies), Natural History (Glacial/geology, Birds, Insects), Ice Storm Science, Adopt-A-Crevice Community, Climate, Integration of Cultural History and Science

Regional Viewpoint (Human Dimensions Part 1)

  • Overview, Human History (Native Americans, Settlers, Sheep fever, Glass, Metal, Mills, Rail), Park Use and Community Stewardship, Place, Monadnock Region/Identity, Integration of Cultural History and Science

Culture (Human Dimensions Part 2)

  • Overview, Lore, Poetry, Other Writing, Dance and Other Performing Arts, Painting and Other Visual Arts, Creative Colonies, Integration of cultural history and Science


  • Overview, Books and Print, Website, Audio, Video, People and Orgs, Events, Glossary

Resources & Lesson Plans

Outdoor Activities

Mount Monadnock Educator Guide
Looking for material to use when you bring your students to Mount Monadnock? Our Educator Guide provides helpful background information about the natural history of the mountain, safety advice, and a simple activity for students to work on while they hike up the mountain.


Biodiversity in a Local Context
Teach biodiversity in a local context for environmental science, biology, and earth science classes at the high school level.  Three class periods worth of integrated investigation, discussion, and lecture are included in this packet. Also, get the Supporting Material for Biodiversity in a Local Context