About the MERE Project

MERE Project

The Monadnock Ecological Research and Education (MERE) Project was initiated in 2007 by Professor Peter Palmiotto and graduate students in the Environmental Studies Department at Antioch University New England. Through collaborative partnerships with Monadnock State ParkThe Monadnock Advisory CommissionThe Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Town of Jaffrey, and The Waterman Fund the MERE Project ultimately seeks to promote informed use and foster appreciation of Mount Monadnock through ecological research, monitoring, and educational outreach.

To accomplish this mission we will work to:

Adopt A Crevice

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  • Conduct ecological research that will be used to inform citizens and scientists of the current ecology of Mount Monadnock and the effects and progression of climate change.
  • Provide education and opportunities for the public to engage in meaningful and influential environmental stewardship behaviors.
  • Support and enhance the efforts of organizations that manage Mount Monadnock’s ecosystems to ensure that both the spirit and ecology of the mountain are preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn from.