Why Choose Our MBA?

At Antioch University New England, social, ecological, and economic justice matter …

Learn to lead with actions reflecting values and ethics that enable healthy communities and a healthy planet.

  • Businesses are increasingly aware of their ecological and social impacts.
  • A code of ethics is based on principles and practices and is aligned with a firm’s mission and values. It informs an organization’s policies and processes and guides the conduct of its employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • Managers must plan strategically to balance the principles of social, ecological, and economic justice, and they must act ethically to accomplish business objectives and goals.
  • At Antioch, learn to lead with actions reflecting values and ethics that enable healthy communities and a healthy planet.

MBA students learn by doing. Inside Green Mountain Power

  • Managers must balance the needs of the current economic climate without compromising communities or the planet for future generations.
  • At Antioch, students join a powerful network of peers, faculty, alumni, and community leaders; a network that enables connections and opportunity. Students learn by doing.
  • Our world-class research resources have been organized so our students can “get smart fast.”
  • Field experiences provide opportunities to test theoretical understanding via team-based projects, learning journeys, field trips, and consulting engagements.
  • Come to Antioch to develop business skills and confidence through hands-on assignments. Address sustainability challenges real-time via face-to-face interaction with business leaders, helping to resolve real issues.

Enjoy visiting lecturers and pursue social responsibility.

While at Antioch, get involved and make a difference:

  • Enjoy visiting lecturers. Learn about great companies like Prairie Pulp & Paper.
  • Pursue social responsibility. Here’s a great example with the Perpetual Food Pledge a collaborative initiative by faculty, staff and students concerned with food insecurity.
  • Join Net Impact. This global organization is for graduate business students, who want to use business to create a positive change in the world.  Net Impact provides networking opportunities for students and business leaders sharing a vision of progressive business.