MBA Community Meeting Forum

communitymeetingkatieAUNE’s MBA Community Meeting Forum is an excellent opportunity for AUNE students, alumni, faculty, and guests to interact with community and business leaders on a fascinating array of topics. Guest speakers will share experiences and expertise on all aspects of sustainability, ranging from impact investing to mindful leadership to climate change impacts on business and community.

Spring 2015 Community Meeting Forum Events

January 24 – Mindfulness & Leadership
Robbie Hertneky, MBA Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Management, and Susan Dreyer Leon, Core Faculty and Director of Experienced Educator Program at Antioch University New England, talked about the rising popularity of mindfulness and the increasing attention to mindful leadership.

February 14 – Business Continuity in the Face of Extreme Weather Events
Michael Simpson, Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies and
Director of the Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience will lead a session on Business Continuity in the Face of Extreme Weather Events.  He will discuss how businesses can develop resilience and maintain operations through disruptive weather events. Michael will provide an introduction to the science of climate change with a focus on impacts in the northeast, discuss the principles and practices of business continuity, and engage students in exploratory discussions of specific business cases.
(Ironically, due to a winter storm the weekend of February 14, this MBA Community Meeting Forum on Business Continuity in the Face of Extreme Weather Events was  canceled. We plan to reschedule this event in the Fall 2015 semester.)

March 7 – Introduction to Practicum / Presentation Skills Session
Management Department Chair and Practicum advisor, Robbie Hertneky, will provide an introduction to Practicum. Students in the MBA in Sustainability program complete three credits of practicum work in an area of personal and professional interest, under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Students currently engaged in practicum projects will be invited to share their experiences. During the second part of the session, ​John Dunham, coordinator of the Antioch University New England Writing Center, will discuss key considerations in preparing and delivering ​informative and engaging presentations.

March 28 – Human Resources at the W.S. Badger Company
This meeting will focus on human resources at the W.S. Badger Company, a well-known company within the Monadnock Region. Emily Hall Warren, Director of Administration and Strategic Planning (and an MS graduate of the Management Department) and Jay Smeltz, Human Resources coordinator, will engage in a facilitated conversation about human resources philosophy and practices at the company.

April 25 – MBA Practicum Prentations and Alumni Networking Event Graduating students in the MBA in Sustainability program presented their Practicum projects to the Antioch community. Practica are year-long, self-designed, capstone projects encompassing research and application of theory to practice. Students, faculty, returning alumni, family and friends gathered for an afternoon of celebration and discussion.

Fall 2014 Community Meeting Forum Events

September 6 – Welcome! Building a Learning Community
To start off a new school year, incoming students, continuing students, faculty and staff gathered for breakfast, meet and greet activities and orientation to the MBA in Sustainability program.

September 27 – Learning Journey
Field experiences are an important part of the MBA in Sustainability program. Understanding ecological systems and business systems is a key component to developing an expertise in sustainability. The September Learning journey was connected to the Earth Systems in Organizations and the Managerial & Financial Accounting courses and covered a variety of business and natural systems issues. Students visited Contoocook Creamery, Surry Dam in Surry, New Hampshire, and the Keene Community Garden Connections garden at C&S Wholesale Grocers.

October 25 – The Insider’s Guide to the Sustainability Job Search
Katie Kross is an educator, career coach, and author of Profession and Purpose: A Resource Guide for MBA Careers in Sustainability (2nd edition, Greenleaf Publishing, 2014), which includes an interview with an AUNE MBA in Sustainability alumnus. She has counseled and inspired hundreds of MBA students to go on to sustainability careers with Fortune 500 companies, social and environmental nonprofits, mission-driven companies, and startups. Her practical, solutions-oriented approach to the sustainability job search has led professionals and students alike to seek her out as a career coach.

November 14 – Resilience: A Story about Caring, Commitment & Courage
Brad Sterl, CEO of Rustic Crust, was the guest speaker in November. In 1996 Brad started Rustic Crust in order to supply high quality, organic food to restaurants. On March 6, 2014, disaster struck: a fire broke out and within a few hours, the company’s 16,000 square foot production facility in Pittsfield, New Hampshire was destroyed. We talked with Brad about the rebuilding of the plant, and his support of his employees throughout this challenging time.

December 13 – Impact Investing Panel Discussion
Panelists included Juliana Eades, Founder and President of the NH Community Loan Fund and recipient of AUNE’s inaugural Horace Mann Citizen’s Award; Alan Singer, Lending Director of the Franklin County (MA) Community Development Corporation; and Joel Moyer, AUNE MBA alumnus and Investment Associate for the Fair Food Network. Panelists discussed capital formation and will explore challenges and opportunities of the growing asset class of impact investing.