MBA Community Meeting Forum

AUNE’s MBA Community Meeting Forum is an excellent opportunity for students, alumni, faculty, and guests to interact with community and business leaders on a fascinating array of topics. Guest speakers will share experiences and expertise on all aspects of sustainability, ranging from impact investing to mindful leadership to climate change impacts on business and community.

Spring 2016 Community Meeting Forum Events

January 23 – Stress, Wellness & Self Care
While stress is a normal part of the human experience, our bodies are designed to withstand brief periods of stress followed by time for rest and rejuvenation. For many of us, there is very limited time for us to incorporate the necessary self-care strategies to allow our bodies to return to homeostasis during stressful times. This presentation, led by Cathy Lounsbury, Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology, will address how stress affects our bodies, the importance of self care, and some simple wellness strategies to incorporate into our busy lives.

February 13 – Influencing Systems: Archetypes and Interventions
Influencing systems can be challenging and confusing (and sometimes seem impossible).  It’s helpful to be able to recognize patterns of behavior in human systems that occur again and again in various settings.  Once we see the patterns (archetypes) and their underlying structures and understand how they function, we are better prepared to determine which actions to take (interventions) to influence the system toward our desired results. In this workshop, we’ll discuss several systems archetypes and possible interventions and their potential for success.

March 5 – Sustainability in the “Gig” Economy
As we continue transitioning into a more distributed, networked economy, work increasingly shifts toward “portfolio careers” where consultants (and even salaried employees) juggle a host of projects in collaborative partnerships that cross organizational and geographic borders utilizing traditional tools and emerging technologies. Corporate Sustainability Architect Bill Baue shares his diversity of experience advancing sustainability with the ThriveAbility Foundation, Sustainability Context Group, and Convetit, gigging for the likes of UNEP, Harvard, Ceres, Audubon, etc.

April 2 – Earth Systems Learning Journey
Field experiences are an important part of the MBA in Sustainability program. Understanding ecological systems and business systems is a key component to developing an expertise in sustainability. This learning journey is connected to the Earth Systems in Organizations class and covers a variety of business and natural systems issues.

April 30 – Practicum Presentations 
Graduating students in the MBA in Sustainability program present their Practicum projects to the Antioch community. Practica are year-long, self-designed, capstone projects encompassing research and application of theory to practice. Students, faculty, returning alumni, family and friends gather for an afternoon of celebration and discussion

Fall 2015 Community Meeting Forum Events

September 12 – Welcome and Orientation
To start off a new school year, incoming students, continuing students, faculty and staff gathered for breakfast, meet and greet activities and orientation to the MBA in Sustainability program.

October 3 – A Workshop on Academic Writing
In this interactive workshop, John Dunham, AUNE Writing Center Coordinator addressed critical components of successful academic writing.

October 24 – Putting Our MBA’s to Work
A panel of our MBA in Sustainability alumni talked about how their learning in the program has played a role in their career paths and work as sustainability advocates. The four alumni work in the fields of sustainable energy, food recovery, health care sustainability, and sustainable building design.

November 14 – Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach To Change
Donna Mellen, professor in the MBA program, will provide an introduction to Appreciative Inquiry, one approach within the emerging field of positive approaches to organizational leadership and change.

December 12 – Business Continuity in the Face of Extreme Weather Events
Michael Simpson, Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies and Director of the Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience will lead a session on Business Continuity in the Face of Extreme Weather Events.  He will discuss how businesses can develop resilience and maintain operations through disruptive weather events. Michael will provide an introduction to the science of climate change with a focus on impacts in the northeast, discuss the principles and practices of business continuity, and engage students in exploratory discussions of specific business cases.

Spring 2015 Community Meeting Forum Events

January 24 – Mindfulness & Leadership
February 14 – Business Continuity in the Face of Extreme Weather Events
March 7 – Introduction to Practicum / Presentation Skills Session
March 28 – Human Resources at the W.S. Badger Company
April 25 – MBA Practicum Presentations and Alumni Networking Event 

Fall 2014 Community Meeting Forum Events

September 6 – Welcome! Building a Learning Community
September 27 – Learning Journey
October 25 – The Insider’s Guide to the Sustainability Job Search
November 14 – Resilience: A Story about Caring, Commitment & Courage
December 13 – Impact Investing Panel Discussion