Learning Outcomes

MBA Learning Outcomes

The MBA in Sustainability has established learning outcomes that outline the goals of our program. As a graduate of our program you can expect to have competency in all of the following areas:

Student Learning Outcome 1: Sustainability

Evaluate, synthesize and apply the foundational concepts of the evolving sustainability paradigm.

Student Learning Outcome 2: Financial

Implement integrated strategies to strengthen the financial sustainability of organizations.

Student Learning Outcome 3: Human

In collaboration with others, develop an organizational culture and implement practices that support both human well being and successful performance at individual, team, unit, and organizational levels.

Student Learning Outcome 4: Environment

Advocate for wise use of earth resources and develop organizational strategies that balance the needs of ecological, economic, and social systems on a local and global scale.

Student Learning Outcome 5: Systems Thinking

Develop and master analytical, strategic, and collaborative decision making skills in order to successfully communicate sustainability within multiple systems.

Student Learning Outcome 6: Self Development – Ongoing Learning

Develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to become a more effective, resilient, self aware leader.

Student Learning Outcome 7: Lead Change

Apply change theory and leadership theory in guiding organizations towards a sustainable multiple bottom line.

Student Learning Outcome 8: Integrated Application

Synthesize and apply knowledge, metrics and skills to promote sustainability systems.