Learning Journeys

In fall 2010, we launched our first learning journey to highlight organizational and environmental sustainability in New England.
Inside Green Mountain Power

The goal of a learning journey is twofold. Learning journeys introduce students to a variety of organizations that have taken on various scales of sustainability initiatives and that have integrated their operations, vision, and human resources around sustainable practices. The journeys also give students a chance to see first-hand the challenges of turning the theories underlying sustainability into practice.

The learning journey is a required component of the Accelerated MBA program and is optional to all other students. There are minimal trip fees to cover transportation and accommodations if required. The fall 2010 trip fee was $110 for two days of travel and hotel. Students purchased or brought their own food.

“I loved the learning journey  I raved about it all weekend to my friends and coworkers. Meeting with each of the businesses was a great experience. I think a particularly valuable part of the whole trip was reflecting on our visits with each site in the vans afterwards. It was great to have a mix of cohorts present  it’s interesting how differently we reflected on each visit. This also gave me the chance to see or reflect on things that I missed or misunderstood.” AUNE Student

Past participants wrote:

The fall learning journey was our first exposure to the real world implications of our studies. It provided an excellent framework for us to proceed academically, while highlighting the vast array of opportunities available to us after graduation.
Josh Mahlick

Gaining insight from Antioch alumni proved to be a valuable and insightful experience. Seeing where contemporaries in our field have gone and are going, paired with the work they are doing with sustainability was very encouraging.
Paul Farella

The learning journey was a fun and informative way of seeing sustainability practitioners in action. I made great connections and got to see the internal makeup of leading green organizations.
Becky Holt

Past Learning Journeys

Fall 2011  Two-day trip to:

Cabot Creamery, Cabot, VT
Intervale Center, Burlington, VT
Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT
VBSR, Burlington, VT
7th Generation, Burlington, VT
Echo Center, Burlington, VT

Spring 2011

TAZA Chocolate, Boston, MA
Trustees of Reservations (Doyle Center), Leominster, MA
Keene Wastewater Treatment Plant, Keene, NH
Clear Solutions, Inc., Hinsdale, NH

Fall 2010  Two-day trip to:

Stowe Mountain Lodge, Stowe, VT
Green Mountain Power, Colchester, VT
Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT
Anchorage Inn, Burlington, VT
NRG Systems, Hinesburg, VT
Long Trail Brewery, Bridgewater Cors, VT