Connections, Newsletter of the Department of Management

Connections Newsletter-sharperIn the Summer of 2014 we launched Connections, the Newsletter of the Department of Management, as a way of keeping in touch with our alumni and others. We’ll keep you informed about what’s happening in the department, highlight the work of our alumni, and let you in on what faculty are reading, thinking about, and working on. We intend to publish three times a year. If you have thoughts or feedback, please email Donna Mellen at or Stephanie Tickner at

You can read the newsletters in our archive.


March 2015 – This issue focuses on the theme of Resilience. Professor, Donna Mellen, writes about “Resilience: A Core Concept For Our Times.” Alumnus, Casey Townsend, MBA 2013 talks about a “Focus on Social Capital and Resilience” in his work as Assistant Director of Natick Community Organic Farm.

November 2014 – Alumnus Mike McCarthy, MBA 2012, shares how in his work he “transitioned from the reactive realm of cleaning up contaminated oil and gas exploration and production properties to the proactive realm of sustainable business practices.” Taryn Fisher, Assistant Professor, shares about transitioning from a career in industry to teaching in higher education. “Coming from the corporate environment where brevity reigns, I’ve been drilled to think and communicate via bullet points. For me, exposition beyond subject-verb-object is a new chapter. That said, I’m excited to research and write about the intersection of doing well and doing good.”

July 2014 – Alumna Liz Wiley, MS in Leadership & Management, 2009, talks about how her work allows her to meld her undergraduate training as a field biologist with the environmental ideals and leadership skills emphasized in her master’s program at Antioch. Management Department Chair, Robbie Hertneky, shares her summer reading list, including topics in mindfulness and leadership.