MBA in Sustainability

Margie McClain, Not Your Typical MBA Grad

Stereotypes can be hard to avoid; mention that someone holds an MBA and an image comes to mind pinstriped suit, briefcase, shiny oxfords. But Margie McClain shatters that image. “I was looking online for work or an internship in an environmental company and Googled green.” She laughs. “I really did.”

Add to Your Résumé with Practical Projects

Do you want to make your organization more effective, efficient, and sustainable? Antioch University New England’s MBA in Sustainability will teach you the business and leadership skills needed to help transform today’s companies and nonprofits. You’ll study finance, economics, team development, entrepreneurship, supply chain, strategy, marketing, leadership, and environmental science.

Triple-bottom-line concepts (people, planet, profit) are woven throughout the MBA courses, because at AUNE sustainability, ethics, and social justice matter. Profit is not the only measure of an organization’s success; in AUNE’s MBA you also learn ways to measure organizational sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and community impact.

AUNE MBA graduates enter the workforce able to juggle multiple projects, communicate effectively, and plan strategically for initiatives that deliver environmentally, organizationally, and financially sustainable operations.

Add to Your Résumé with Practical Projects

Develop the techniques you need to manage complex and changing organizational environments. Practice what you learn in courses through skill-building assignments and projects that emphasize strategic and systems thinking along with leadership development.

What Path Fits Your MBA Journey?

All of AUNE’s MBA delivery options offer the same courses and the same excellent faculty. You can choose the option that best fits your personal needs and lifestyle:

  • Accelerated, one-year: Earn your MBA in just one year by immersing yourself in this fast-paced option. Classes meet on campus on weekdays and select weekends. Starts in fall.
  • Weekend, two-year: Attend classes on campus five weekends per semester while working a full- or part-time job. Complete your MBA in twenty-four months. Starts in either summer or fall.
  • Part-time, three-year: Participate in a flexible hybrid program that allows you to earn an MBA in Sustainability in three years. Courses meet mostly online and you choose from multiple start dates. Students come to campus five weekends over the course of the program.

AUNE’s MBA in Sustainability will teach you the business skills you need to be a leader and manager in corporations, nonprofits, government, small businesses, and even your own business. You’ll have the skills to launch new sustainability initiatives, engage teams in existing sustainable operations, and take sustainable practices to new levels.