Field Studies

Antioch New England’s MBA in Sustainability field studies include both field trips and learning journeys.

  • Field trips are typically half day site visits to innovative companies.
  • Learning journeys are typically trips over the course of several days where students visit mission-driven firms to see first-hand the challenge of turning sustainability theory into sustainable business practice.

Examples of MBA in Sustainability field trips:

Taza Chocolate factory

Students toured the Taza Chocolate factory in Somerville, MA where organic cacao beans are ground using hand-carved granite millstones.

Seventh Generation

Students visited Seventh Generation in Burlington, VT, a progressive consumer products company working to source palm oil sustainably.

Poly Recovery, Redhook Brewery, FOSS Manufacturing

Students learned about The Recycling Trifecta a story of sustainable recycling involving Poly Recovery, Redhook Brewery, and FOSS Manufacturing, three New Hampshire companies working to reduce landfill trash.