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Get more done: free stuff to help with organization & productivity

The tools listed on this page are just a few of the many programs out there that can help you stay organized and on top of things. Do you have a favorite that’s not listed here? Tell us about it!

Citation Management | Screen Capture | Online Notebooks | Mind Mapping

Document Storage | Better Bookmarking | RSS

Citation Management These tools help you capture information about your research sources, organize them, create citations, produce bibliographies, and a host of other helpful things.

How to choose??  Watch a video about Zotero. Watch a video about Mendeley.

Screen Capture Free tools for image capture and annotation.

  • Greenshot Screen capture and annotation; works on both PC and MAC.
  • Jing Image capture and video capture with audio. No video editing, but very easy to use.
  • Screencast-O-Matic Free version doesn’t have editing tools but does allow for up to 15 minutes of video capture.
  • Skitch Screen capture and annotation for MAC and Android.

Online Notebooks Create one place online to store and organize web pages, clips, lists, notes, links, and more.

Mind Mapping Tools for visual presentation of related concepts and idea.

Not familiar with mind mapping? Watch this short video.

Document Storage Keep your files in the cloud; no more emailing stuff to yourself or moving things around with a flash drive.

Better Bookmarking These tools all allow you to bookmark & organize links for reading later, and access them from any computer.

RSS Feed Readers Sign up with one of these so all the headlines, blog posts, and news from websites you follow can be delivered to one place.

Not familiar with RSS? Watch this great little video, “RSS in Plain English”.

  • Best bet: Google Reader (but requires a gmail account)
  • Runner up: Bloglines