Google Search Tips


Get the most out of Google searches

Google has several “Advanced Search” options for constructing more productive searches. Find Advanced Search under the gear icon on the Google main search page:

Advanced Search

Some of the most helpful options:


  • File type: Search for particular types of documents or files. Using this option, you can specify that your search must find PDFs, or Powerpoint presentations, or spreadsheets, to name a few.
  • Search within a site or domain: Specify that search results come from a particular domain (.edu, .org, etc.), or from a specific website (for example, limiting to when you do a search will retrieve results that are links to youtube videos).
  • Date: Find the most current information, from the past 24 hours up to the past year.
  • Usage rights: Tell Google to find material that is “free to use or share.”
  • Where your keywords show up: Lets you be very specific about your search. Google can find your search terms in page titles or even in URLs.

More search tips

    • Google automatically detects your location and bases its search results on that. You can have Google use a different location for your search by using the “Change location” option on the lefthand side of your search results page.

Search Settings

Search Settings

Google Search Settings include filtering options, number of results per page, site blocking, and others.

Google Search Settings help