Services For Visitors

Audiovisual Equipment

Visitors who will be using AUNE meeting rooms or other facilities will need to request the use of audio/visual equipment through Sandra Peace-Carey.

  • Community use of our collections (print and digital)
  • Our connection to KSC (but not KPL)
  • Foundation Center
  • Computer Use

Interlibrary Loan

Antioch University New England Library loans materials to libraries and businesses in accordance with library policy and the National Interlibrary Loan Code. Libraries may request Interlibrary Loans via OCLC (AN@) or Docline (NHUATI). Faxed ALA forms are also accepted (fax number 603-357-7345). AUNE is a member of Nelinet (NO$$) and Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS) and does not charge these consortial partners. A fee may be charged for loans or copies to non-consortial requestors.

Individuals not affiliated with AUNE should make Interlibrary Loan requests via their current academic institution library or local public library.

Library Collections (print and digital)

Visitors are welcome to use material in our print collections within the library but may not borrow these items without special permission. The use of our online subscription resources is limited by vendor license to current students, staff, and faculty.

Foundation Center Directory on CD

AUNE Library provides public access to the Foundation Center Directory database.