Collection Development Policy

The mission of AUNE Library is to support the academic programs of Antioch University New England and to provide our community of learners with access to appropriate information resources. The purpose of the Collection Development Policy is to provide guidelines for the selection of materials consistent with these goals.

The Library’s collection is designed and maintained to meet the academic and research needs of AUNE faculty, staff, and students. Material selected for addition to the library’s collections must support the academic mission of the school.

AUNE Library collects material in all formats whose content is suitable and appropriate for graduate-level study. This includes books and journals (both print and electronic); audiovisual material (CDs, DVDs, videotapes); and electronic research databases and collections.

Library staff make purchasing decisions based on faculty, staff, and student recommendations, as well as review of selection tools such as professional publications and publisher catalogs.

The Library does not purchase or keep copies of textbooks. Exceptions are those titles that have earned a reputation as “classics” in their field, or which are the only sources of information on a particular topic.

Periodically, reference librarians will evaluate the collection to identify materials for withdrawal. Materials that are outdated, damaged, seldom circulated, or contain inaccurate information will be removed.

The Library is responsible for making final decisions on acquisition requests.