Youth Development Director

April 14, 2013
Hartford, CT

Billings Forge Community Works (BFCW) is a driving force for community participation and empowerment in Frog Hollow through promoting access to healthy food; engaging youth; and developing employment opportunities and economically sustainable social enterprises.

BFCW is a nonprofit organization housed in the Billings Forge apartment complex in the Frog Hollow neighborhood of Hartford, CT. The primary charge of BFCW is to invest in this underserved community by engaging community members in a range of community-building and enhancing programs. BFCW is helping to build a Frog Hollow community where home is more than four walls and a roof.

Working with our neighbors, partners and funders, we invest in the community by promoting access to healthy and affordable food; by engaging youth and families in activities that foster growth and learning; and by offering people opportunities to explore, prepare for and find jobs in the culinary arts.


The Director of Youth Development will be charged with the mission to inspire, encourage and support the development of young people ages 10-17 through the development and delivery of core farm to table-based enrichment programs that leverage BFCW’s expertise and assets in the culinary arts and urban agriculture.

The Director of Youth Development will work with a team consisting of community members, chefs, gardeners, artists, and educators to establish and implement programming. BFCW is home to 47 raised garden beds, a commercial kitchen, a large multi-use space, and a year-long farmer’s market. Enrichment programs will serve Frog Hollow youth and low-income youth engaged with other community organizations.


  • Initiate, develop and maintain positive relationships with young people.
  • Create a core offering of farm to table based programs for youth:
  • Programs will be focused on cooking, gardening, health and nutrition. Classes will integrate academic learning, team building, art, and, when possible, incorporate an entrepreneurial element.
  • Programs will serve as site-based experiences for Frog Hollow youth, low-income schools, and community organizations.
  • Classes will be offered in the form of one time field trip experiences, as well as more in-depth courses that work with the same youth over an extended period of time.
  • Convene a planning team to assist in the development of new classes. Planning teams will consist of community members, artists, educators, and content-area experts.
  • Work in a team-based approach with Urban Agriculture Coordinator, Youth Cooking Instructor and the Director of Community Building to align programs and promote integration among all BFCW initiatives.
  • Direct youth work in a way that encourages young people to develop their self ; esteem, identify their interests and passions, and develop skills that give them an advantage in the workplace.
  • Develop partnerships with organizations that serve youth and would benefit from farm to table programming such as neighborhood schools, YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, community farms, and other appropriate partners.
  • Identify, train, and support guest instructors.
  • Increase parental involvement in collaboration with BFCW’s Director of Community Building.
  • Maintain the highest expectations for program quality.
  • Track outcomes as outlined in the BFCW strategic plan and as required by funders.
  • Handle all administrative aspects such as recruiting participants, scheduling classes, maintaining up-to-date files with required documentation for youth, instructors, and volunteers.
  • Assist development staff to secure funding for youth programs.
  • Oversee the quality of, and assist in planning for, the daily after school homework hour.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and participate in agency planning sessions
  • Participate in the planning and implementation of Farm to Table events
  • Assist with grant writing and reporting
  • Some evening, weekend work may be required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, social work, or related field. Master’s degree preferred.
  • 3-5 years of leadership experience in the field of youth development.
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred
  • Demonstrated knowledge of principles related to youth development.
  • Ability to design and implement effective programs.
  • Group leadership skills, including an understanding of group dynamics and discipline.
  • An understanding of the population of youth served by Billings Forge Community Works.
  • Demonstrated commitment to, and passion for, farm to table principles and urban agriculture.


Competitive salary and fringe benefit package.

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Hartford, Connecticut
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