West Africa Global Health Program Leader

Operation Groundswell is looking for a male program leader to help lead our West Africa Global Health team! We are looking for ambitious, creative and well-traveled people with a passion for the Ghana to coordinate and run our summer 2014 programs.

The position requires remote program coordination during the lead-up to the programs, from fall 2013 until April 2014 – a task that can be done from anywhere with internet access and on top of a job or school commitment. Program leaders will fly to the region mid-May and run programmimg until the end of August (depending on the program schedule) 2014.

*the start date listed is the in-country date

Please read the program leader requirements to see if you qualify and then apply online and email required documents to jobs@operationgroundswell.com!

Program Leader Requirements

All program leaders for Operation Groundswell must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be a male of over 18 years of age
  • Have a wide range of group leadership experience
    • able to facilitate meaningful discussion and group activities, integrating OG’s Core Curriculum and region-specific activities
    • create planned and spontaneous opportunities for learning experiences
    • support conflict resolution and group cohesion
  • Have intimate knowledge of Ghana and a background or understanding of health and global health issues
  • Have experience and/or competency in dealing with emergency (medical and emotional) situations
  • Be comfortable coordinating and managing projects with in-country partners and communities
  • Be a bad-ass traveler/backpacker, think on the fly and get into the local scene with ease.

Program Leaders will:

– Assist with marketing, applications, interviewing, selection process, orientations, and trip running and post-trip support. – Attend a weekly meeting or Skype conference with the Programs Director. – need to commit 50+ hours to interviewing applicants over the course of the year

-Communicate with applicants and participants leading up to the program. You should expect to spend four hours a week answering emails and calls once the application process begins.

What’s in it for you?

Operation Groundswell Program leaders will:

  • Recieve $1,000 Stipend upon completion of the programs
  • Receive round-trip flights to the region
  • Have all in-country costs covered overseas
  • Gain crucial and marketable leadership skills
  • Eat as much fufu as they want!
  • Receive Wilderness First Aid Certification
  • Experience an opportunity of a lifetime
  • Grow within the Operation Groundswell organization

How to apply

1) Fill out the Application Form at http:operationgroundswell.com/work-with-us/

2) Please send an email with the following subject line: FirstLastname_PLAPP. The email should contain:

  1. Cover Letter: Titled: FirstLast_LETTER. Why Operation Groundswell? Why are you interested in leading a program? What leadership experience do you have? What else would you like us to know about you? Please keep cover letters to one (1) page and for the love of Pete don’t just reiterate your entire resume.
  2. Resume: Titled: FirstLast_RESUME. List your recent and applicable work/volunteer experiences.

Please address all emails to: jobs@operationgroundswell.com

Volta, Ghana,
Operation Groundswell