Vice President for Conservation Science

Description: The VP for Conservation Science is the senior leader of the Conservation Science Division, and an essential member of NatureServe’s Executive Team.

The Vice President for Conservation Science guides the strategic development and growth of Conservation Science programs, projects, partnerships and fundraising to result in significant and enduring effects in the conservation of species and systems. S/he will represent NatureServe in scientific partnerships, provide scientific leadership to our network of members, promote and support innovative approaches for the development and management of scientific information, including the advancement of conservation planning tools that facilitate the use of this information in the conservation arena.

NatureServe’s Conservation Science team develops methods to support conservation data collection and assessment. The team develops and maintains information on the taxonomy, range-wide distribution, and conservation status for plants, animals and ecosystems. They apply this information to help society adapt to climate change, conduct endangered and invasive species assessments, predict species ranges now and in the future, classify and map ecosystems, and assess the ecological integrity of specific places among other applications. Staff positions within this division include research botanists and zoologists, terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecologists, and science information specialists.


1. Provide leadership for the Conservation Science programs in the strategic development of data, methods, tools, and integrated information products that result in significant enduring benefits in the conservation of biological and ecological diversity.
2. Raise public and private funds to support scientific activities.
3. Engage scientists throughout the NatureServe network in the ongoing development, documentation and deployment of scientific protocols that support the collection and analysis of consistent biodiversity data across the network.
4. Develop partnerships with national and international organizations, federal and subnational agencies, professional organizations, and academic institutions to enhance development and application of scientific standards, methods and products for the conservation of biological and ecological diversity.
5. Publish methods, results, and issue-oriented publications that advance effective conservation action.
6. Manage the implementation of scientific projects to meet timelines within budget targets, and supervise the Conservation Science Division.
7. Coordinate with other staff, members, and partners to produce conferences that advance conservation science, enhance network capacity and cohesion, and bring positive attention to the scientific programs of NatureServe.


• Understands NatureServe’s mission and demonstrates a commitment to conservation.
• Well organized and able to orchestrate multiple activities to accomplish set goals.
• Results-oriented, and able to set and keep objectives, develop schedules, anticipate and solve problems, measure performance against goals, and evaluate results.
• Ability to negotiate contracts and cooperative agreements related to scientific initiatives and partnerships.
• Excellent skills in public/private partnership building and ability to deal perceptively and communicate effectively (verbal and written) with a diverse array of people and institutions.
• Proven strategic thinker who can set priorities, and evaluate the financial and strategic implications of decisions.
• Self-starting and self-motivating.
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products.


• Candidates with experience working within, or in partnership with, NatureServe or one of its member programs will be strongly preferred.
• International experience in conservation and/or scientific research.


• Ability to speak and write in both English and Spanish. Additional ability to communicate in French an asset.
• A professional network of colleagues that includes both domestic and international partnerships.

• Ability to travel independently and attend conferences and meetings.
• Ability to speak clearly and hear well, to participate effectively in telecommunications with network members and partners.

Arlington, Virginia
Human Resources