Urban Teaching Corps Apprentice

Urban Teaching Corps wants to connect our nation’s most underserved students with great, new teachers.

The truth is, many students in disadvantaged communities are falling through the cracks. To combat this, urban students need the best teachersthey need teachers who are highly skilled and committed and they need teachers who feel a strong personal connection to them, and to whom urban students feel connected.

Our Mission

The mission of Urban Teaching Corps is to develop a corps of excellent, passionate and committed educators, targeting people of color, armed with the skills, tools and commitment to make significant academic gains with students from underserved educational communities.

What does an Apprentice do?

Apprentices commit to developing as teachers while working in a charter school with a mentor teacher and a strong support system provided by Urban Teaching Corps, for a year. While teaching, Apprentices will receive full health benefits and a salary of $35,000. Following that year, UTC will determine if they are eligible for a second year of apprenticeship or to be a lead teacher at that same school or other schools working with Urban Teaching Corps. It takes years to become an excellent teacher and we expect that Urban Teaching Corps’ Apprentices will remain in education for a minimum of 4 years.

Urban Teaching Corps Apprenticeship – Becoming a Great Teacher

Training: At the onset, Apprentices participate in an intensive Summer Induction program focused on developing a deep understanding of Urban Teaching Corps’ values and the responsibilities of an Apprentice, efficacy, team building, and pedagogy. They will also start working toward their Masters Degree in Education at the Relay Graduate School of Education or another eligible program. Later in the summer, they are placed in schools for their apprenticeship during which they take on increasing responsibilities in the classrooms. Regularly, an Urban Teaching Corps Coach works with them in their classroom to guide them toward ultimately becoming the best teachers serving urban students today. During their first year, they begin their Masters Degree in Education, which is a requirement for certification. In the second year, when they may be eligible to become the lead teacher at their school, they will still have the support of a mentor teacher and the continued support of an Urban Teaching Corps Coach.

Apprentices learn through:

Mentoring, Formal Assessment and Support: Urban Teaching Corps Apprentices have a strong support system. Each has a Mentor Teacher, who is either the lead teacher in his or her class or an experienced teacher in the school, and each receives support from an Urban Teaching Corps Teacher Coach, the school’s Principal and a cohort of peers.

Constant Connection with their Peers: At Urban Teaching Corps, we know that being a new teacher is a rewarding and life-changing experienceit will expand your worldview and self-concept. A network of peers and veteran educators will help you explore these changes keeping them in perspective. Apprentices meet with their peers in monthly cohort meetings and receive structured peer support and guidance.

Graduate School Placement: Urban Teaching Corps is partnering with the Relay Graduate School of Education and will help Apprentices with applications to this graduate school of education. Apprentices may also apply to other eligible graduate schools of education.

What are we looking for in an Apprentice?

  • People with a strong belief that all students can excel academically
  • Diversity in experiences, ethnicities and backgrounds
  • Recent graduates, career changers or people that are from the communities UTC serves (currently Brooklyn and Northern Manhattan)
  • A strong commitment to personal excellence
  • Individuals who do NOT have Masters Degrees in Education
  • Coachability, Resilience, Humility, Leadership and a sense of Personal Responsibility

A Bachelor’s Degree and a 3.0 GPA at a minimum

How to apply

How Can You Join Us?

Urban Teaching Corps is excited to build its third cohort of passionate new educators to work in charter schools in the most educationally underserved communities in New York City.

We are recruiting future teachers from Boston to Atlanta and will accept at most 15 of the most promising Apprentices to teach at some of New York’s most innovative charter schools.

The deadline for application is rolling. If your application is complete by one of the following dates, it will be reviewed:

November 4, 2013

December 20, 2013

January 13, 2014

February 10, 2014

The program is competitive so get started on your application today!

For more information or to apply, visit us at www.urbanteachingcorps.org.

For questions, feel free to reach out to Miriam Raccah, Executive Director atmraccah@urbanteachingcorps.org but do NOT send resumes to this address because they will not be counted as received unless you go through the process you will see on our website.

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