Town Agricultural Intern

The Town of Boscawen, New Hampshire seeks to hire one Spring/Summer college intern to work with various town boards to accomplish the following:

Develop and distribute a survey to collect information about each agricultural operation present in Boscawen. This will include refining survey questions, making appointments, and taking the survey to each agricultural operation to have it filled out. The results will be compiled and summarized and entered onto a thumb drive so the Agricultural Commission (AgComm) can access the information.

Work with various town boards as needed and attend board meetings to help with town efforts to: update the Master Plan and protect local agricultural interests. Interact with the AgComm and Boscawen Business Advocacy Group (BBAG) and other boards as needed.

The main goals for the intern will be to:

1) Establish a list of current agricultural operations, where they are, what they produce and who they market to etc. Produce an inclusive list that can be posted by the AgComm on various websites for use by the public.
2) To learn about policy making, land use planning and the town master planning process.

The Town of Boscawen is prepared to compensate an intern for mileage from place of operation (Boscawen Town Office Building) to local agricultural operations. The intern will be supplied with a computer, internet connection and work area in the Land Use Department Office. A designee of the AgComm will provide supervision for the intern. The internship can begin between May 10th and June 5th; earlier is preferable. The length of the internship is one to two months or until the agricultural survey is completed and documented.

Please contact Alan Hardy at (603)753-9188 X 305 for further details. Please send a resume and letter of interest to Town of Boscawen, 116 N Main Street, Boscawen, New Hampshire 03303 to apply for the internship.

Boscawen, New Hampshire
Town of Boscawen, NH
Alan Hardy

(603) 753-9188