Teaching Position

Summary: The Sage School is looking to hire new staff in 2013-2014, people who have experience with adolescence and expertise with adolescents, and who have subject fluency in the core curricular areas.

David Orr says, The goal of education is not mastery of subject matter but mastery of one’s own person, which he relates more generally to all of education when he says, It is not education, but education of a certain kind, that will save us.  How do you guide students towards creating a sense of place, a sense of meaning, and a sense of purpose for themselves? How do you connect the content of the curriculum to teenagers’ and adolescents’ lives, to our communities, and to the global village? How do you work with students’ intrinsic motivation, their natural optimism, and their inherent desire to learn? Can you be deadly serious about the things that matter and totally ridiculous 5 minutes later? Are you always ready to laugh at your self? At The Sage School, we believe that education needs to shift to better serve students and the world in front of us, and that this shift is fundamental to protecting our future. We are looking for a few individuals ready, willing, and capable of building this boat, jumping on board, and paddling like crazy.  And, just as importantly, knowing when not to paddle. Of course, we live in central Idaho, with no immediate access to large bodies of water, so we need a unique sort of boat. Find us at www.thesageschool.org. If you are interested in being a team member, send an email inquiry to info@thesageschool.org with the subject header ‘Teaching Position.’

The Sage School is an equal opportunity employer, and a nondiscriminatory 501(c)(3).

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