Teaching Assistant

The mission of Fahari Academy Charter School (FACS) is to educate, support, and challenge students who reside in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood for success in college and beyond.

We seek extraordinary staff members who want to be a part of a dynamic professional community in a progressive school model. We seek staff who will support the academic achievement of all students as well as their physical and emotional well-being.


Our Core Values


Fahari is the Swahili word for Pride. In the Fahari family every member of the Fahari Academy community enforces and espouses the character values of Preparedness, Respect, Inquisitiveness, Determination, Excellence or P.R.I.D.E.




Assists with Learning Experiences for Students

  • Assists the teacher in maintaining a safe, clean learning environment and in assuring the well being and safety of the children in his/her care
  • Exhibits a genuine nurturing, caring attitude to all children
  • Maintains a positive, calm attitude while holding students to Fahari behavioral expectations
  • Shares relevant information with teachers about the academic performance and behavior of individual learners in classrooms to support goals and curricular program
  • Gathers relevant information through working with student(s) and provides teachers with feedback
  • Implements strategies identified by teachers to accommodate individual learner needs/styles
  • Implements instructional learning resources provided by teachers; uses specific techniques, strategies, and appropriate language as determined by teachers and principal
  • Reviews and reinforces learning activities provided by teachers to help students master concepts and skills
  • Assists students with learning activities and/or independent study projects developed by teachers
  • Monitors and reports to teachers on the implementation of learning activities/projects
  • Supports learning and skill development activities provided by teachers
  • Carries out work provided by teachers
  • Is consistent with behavioral expectations for students, following classroom and school-wide structures for behavior
  • Facilitates student learning individually and in small groups as determined by teachers
  • When required, assists with off-site activities, such as field trips
  • When required, assists with assessment of students

Assessing, Evaluating, Reporting and Recording Student Progress

  • Carries out informal assessment activities as determined by teachers to assist teachers in developing assessment profiles for students
  • When indicated by principal, attends meetings during work hours
  • Observes and documents learner strengths, achievements, and needs through learning activities
  • Assists in the collection of data for the purpose of evaluating student progress; reports progress to teachers


Engagement in the Fahari Academy School Expectations

  • Remains current in school policies and procedures
  • Reviews and monitors policies that are implemented
  • Follows all established procedures
  • Monitors students during non-instructional duty periods, such as breakfast and lunch
  • Maintains a cooperative attitude with teachers, parents, students and school leaders
  • Demonstrates PRIDE values and expectations


How to apply

Please send resume and cover letter to careers@fahariacademy.org


Brooklyn, New York
Fahari Academy Charter School (FACS)

72 Veronica Place, Brooklyn, NY, 11226, US