High School Teacher

Xining Number 4 Senior High School, located in Xining, Qinghai province, P.R. of China is seeking teachers to start in the spring, 2013 semester.  Applicants must be native English speakers to be considered.

Currently the school needs teachers qualified to teach Math and Computing.

Applicants should have related teaching experience and teacher trainings. Qualifications, including Teaching Certificate, TEFL or TESL Certificate are preferred.  Proof of certification must be supplied.

Preference will be given to:

  • Those with a degree in a related field
  • Those with teaching experience, particularly overseas or with English Language Learners
  • Those with an ability to teach other subjects, including Science, Language and Business.
  • Ability to speak/read Chinese is positive, but not required

Currently, there are two classes with 10 students (All students are Chinese.)  These students are educated using the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) curriculum and are expected to take the ACT and the TOEFL or IELTS exams with the intent of reading undergraduate degrees abroad.

Foreign teachers are expected to teach 2-4 GAC subject classes.  Current students will be studying GAC Level II and GAC Level III curriculum in Spring/Fall 2013. Foreign teachers will be asked to teach subject classes in Englishthese include English Reading and Writing, Math, Computers/IT, etc.

All curriculum will be provided to the foreign teacher upon his/her arrival at Xining Number 4 Senior High School.

Foreign teachers will teach no more than 18 hours per week, each class being 40 minutes in length.  Generally 2 class periods are taught back-to-back.  Teachers are expected to be on campus and available for office hours, meeting with students, etc.  Foreign teachers must also be available for department or school meetings, competitions, or other events as notified.

Foreign teachers have a 5-day work week, Monday through Friday, with a day off for Christmas along with all Chinese holidays.

Classes run from February 25 (Spring term) until June 21 and from early-July to mid-January for foreign teachers.  Start date for Spring terms are dependent upon the Chinese New Year schedule and are therefore different each year.  For the Summer 2013 term, Xining Number 4 School is also seeking qualified teachers to begin on July 1.

Foreign teachers receive a monthly salary of 4,000 to8,000 RMB, depending on the subjects and hours they are able to teach.  Teachers who arrive after the start-date for either term will receive pro-rated pay for that month.  If the first month of the spring term of any school year is short, teachers will also receive pro-rated pay.  (Teachers do not receive a salary during Winter and Summer Holidays.)

Housing will be provided by the school, with monthly rent paid by the school as well. Foreign teachers are responsible for heat, electricity, water, natural gas, and internet/cable TV (if desired).

Apartments will be furnished by their landlords with any missing but necessary items (e.g. washing machine, refrigerator, or microwave) provided by the school.  Any additional items (e.g. bedding, cooking utensils, or additional furniture) should be purchased by the foreign teacher.

Xining Number 4 Senior High School’s staff of teachers will also be responsible for helping foreign teachers learn how to purchase items, set up and pay utilities, etc.  The dedicated staff of the international department office will do whatever they can to make new teachers feel welcome and comfortable living in China.

Xining Number 4 Senior High School will provide foreign teachers with Chinese health insurance.  Foreign teachers must open a Chinese bank account in order to obtain Chinese health insurance.  (This is a requirement of the health insurance provider, not Number 4 School.)

Any injury/illness sustained by the foreign teacher during his/her time in Xining is not the responsibility of the Xining Number 4 Senior High School.  The school will be responsible to assist the foreign teacher to the appropriate medical office, but all payments shall be made by the insurance company or the foreign teacher, with no liability on Xining Number 4 Senior High School.

Xining Number 4 Senior High School foreign teachers are expected to live in culturally appropriate ways while in Asiabringing honor to the school.  Teachers who do not carry themselves in a respectable fashion will be spoken to.  Those who continue to live in an unacceptable way will be asked to leave Number 4 School.

Foreign teachers are required to obtain their own visa, with documentation provided by the Xining Number 4 Senior High School.  They are also required to purchase their own initial air tickets.

Xining, Qinghai province, China,
Xining Number 4 Senior High School
Flora Caoqian (Antioch Alumna)