Date: March 2, 2014

Location: Lafayette Educational Complex, 2630 Benson Ave, Brooklyn, NY

If interested, please e-mail resume and cover letter todohara@leaders6-12.org and boshea@leaders6-12.org.


Subject to sufficient budget, positions in the school may include, but not be limited to, the following secondary school licenses:

– Science, Mathematics, History, English Language Arts, English as a Second Language and Special Education. Dual certification in ESL or Special Education and content area is preferred in all subjects.



New York State and New York City certification in the appropriate content area, with satisfactory ratings. Please see NYC Department of Education website for current hiring restrictions.



Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders (Leaders) is a small 9th ; 12th grade school committed to the belief that all students can achieve the academic and personal success necessary to become effective leaders within their community. Our exemplary school community of staff, students, families and partners works as a team to set high academic and character standards for each of our students, while providing personal support to ensure that all students are able to meet these standards. Leaders is partnered with Expeditionary Learning Schools Outward Bound and New York City Outward Bound to provide a unique, dynamic and meaningful college readiness curriculum empowering students with the knowledge, skills and habits of mind to lead themselves, their families and their communities in pursuit of theirpassions.

  • Expeditionary Learning is a comprehensive school design that emphasizes active and engaging instructional practices that promote equity, high expectations and rigorous, in-depth curricula. The curriculum is organized around learning expeditions, which are characterized by interdisciplinary, literacy-rich, inquiry-based studies that lead students to create meaningful products for authentic audiences. Leaders is seeking passionate, committed educators who value young people and wish to join our community in bringing our mission to life


Because teacher roles in small schools are varied and complex, serious consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate in their resume and cover letter experience with and/or willingness to become involved in these essential elements of the Leaders teaching and learning community:

  • Possessing an understanding of and enthusiasm for the school’s mission and core values such that they guide professional decisions and actions.
  • Collaborating in interdisciplinary planning and teaching teams to create and implement curricula that is rooted in Expeditionary Learning principles, including interdisciplinary learning expeditions, literacy across the curriculum, and character/leadership development and that is aligned with city/state standards, the school-wide curriculum map, and portfolio graduation requirements.
  • Using the Understanding by Design (UbD) model to collaborate with colleagues in the development of a school-wide curriculum map, course curricula and learning expeditions.

See the work of Wiggins and McTighe for more information on UbD.

  • Ability to work within a non-traditional school schedule and organization structure that meets the needs of all students, including English Language Learners and those requiring special education services.
  • Ability to incorporate a variety of teaching strategies in their professional practice, including hands-on and cooperative learning activities, flexible grouping and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of individual learning styles. See the work of Carol Ann Tomlinson for more information on differentiated instruction.
  • Designing and implementing “intensives”, week-long elective courses offered twice a year between marking periods for students to pursue an area of interest or address academic areas of need.
  • Practicing an open-door policy and developing best practice pedagogy to facilitate professional growth and collaboration on instructional initiatives.
  • Availability to participate in after school/Saturday tutoring programs. Sufficient advance notice and compensation will be provided. Teacher participation in the activities is voluntary, but strongly encouraged, as the activities are central to the development of the school.
  • Availability for summer professional development, planning and curriculum work. Advance notice of the dates will be supplied, and those who attend will be compensated according to the terms of the UFT contract. Teacher participation in the activities is voluntary, but strongly encouraged, as the activities are central to the development of the school.
  • Serving as the Crew Leader (advisor) to a small group of students known as a Crew, supporting their academic and leadership development through the Crew curriculum, acting as a liaison between the school and their families, and attending professional meetings to support this work. See The Advisory Guide by Carol Miller Lieber & Rachel Poliner for more information on advisories.
  • Collaborating with colleagues to develop and implement Crew (advisory) curricula that support students’ learning and is aligned with the school’s mission, priorities and structures (e.g. portfolio creation and portfolio presentation preparation; internship support; academic skill support; leadership development; culture building).
  • Initiating, designing and sustaining collaborative partnerships with community based organizations, colleges and other schools to enhance school experiences and develop external learning experiences.
  • Coordinating special programs including fieldwork experiences to support learning expeditions.
  • Maintaining regular and open communication with parents.

How to apply

If interested, please e-mail resume and cover letter todohara@leaders6-12.org.

Brooklyn, New York
dohara@leaders6-12.org., boshea@leaders6-12.org

2630 Benson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11214, US