Summer Caretaker (Seasonal)

Earthlands operates an education and retreat center hosting a wide range of programs. It is the home of the University of the Wild, an alternative higher education program focused on sustainable living and self-directed learning. A position is available for a residential Caretaker, who will manage and maintain the facilities and land. This is a hands on, living & learning educational experience in Petersham, MA targeted at people interested in contributing to an ecological organization and increasing a shift toward sustainable living in their lives. Motivated individuals who enjoy service work, improving systems, caring for structures and the landscape are encouraged to apply.

Earthlands is a nonprofit center for ecological education and sustainable living that offers programs promoting living and learning in harmony with the earth and all life. Earthlands hosts teacher trainings, events, and workshop focusing on personal growth, ecological living skills and environmental awareness. Earthlands is a community of Earth stewards dedicated to working together for the renewal of human consciousness within the web of life.

Earthlands, situated in a rustic and secluded setting in Petersham, MA, is located on 330-acres of meadows and forest within the North Quabbin bioregion. The main lodge and most facilities are off-grid. The office provides access to internet and phone services. We grow many of our own vegetables and herbs in season using organic permaculture practices.

Caretaker Job Description:
a. Responsible for the daily caretaking of the Lodge, out-buildings and grounds with attention to local Board of Health requirements;
b. Supervise and coordinate 2-3 Caretaker Interns and volunteers to assist with Caretaker tasks;
c. Prepare the Lodge and out-buildings in advance of incoming programs;
d. Ensure lodge utilities are in good working condition including solar system, generator, hot water, wood stoves and lighting;
e. Greet, orient, and instruct program leaders and guests in lodge, facilities and grounds use;
f. Follow-up caretaking of facilities including laundry, take-down of tents and general clean-up;
g. Manage seasonal responsibilities, including driveway maintenance, water control and mowing;
h. Stewardship of grounds, trails, teaching stations and sacred sites;
i. Coordinate monthly Caretaker work schedule with supervisor;
j. Work alongside Program Coordinator to ensure smooth organizational functioning;
k. Weekends ; Certain weekends during the summer & fall, the Caretaker will be required to stay on site and be available for program or event needs.

Dates & Length of Stay:
May – August, 2013. Four-month commitment required. Dates are flexible to accommodate college/university schedules.

32 hours per week, where the daily schedule varies according to upcoming programs and the needs of the facilities, land and gardens.

Remuneration & Benefits:
Lodging in the private wood-heated cabin.
Monthly Wage & Food Stipend depending on skill and experience)
Shared use of food produce from gardens.
Use of office space with phone and internet access.
Encouraged to participate in selected educational programming without charge.
Participate in the community life at Earthlands ; potlucks, circles & gatherings.

Application Process:
Please send a letter of interest, resume, and three references (two work ; and/or study-related, and one personal) to Or mail to:

Caretaker Program
39 Glasheen Road
Petersham, MA. 01366

Applicants will be required to interview in person when feasible, or by Skype or telephone.
Visit our website for more info ;

For more information contact at

Petersham, Massachusetts
Aja Lippincott