START Coordinator

To provide clinical support through START program by performing community-based prevention and intervention services for individuals with a diagnosis of intellectual and/or developmental disability (I/DD) and behavioral health needs. Support providers to help individuals remain in their home or community placement with crisis response, training, and consultation. Establish, maintain or work to improve collaborative relationships with system partners to improve treatment outcomes and decrease the need for hospitalization and/or loss of community placement.

•Participate in START Coordinator training and ongoing trainings.
•Attend and participate in all state and local START meetings.
•Learn how to successfully complete Comprehensive Service Evaluations, Cross System Crisis.
•Plans, Clinical Education Team presentations, and systemic consultations.
•Become credentialed as a START Coordinator.

START Coordinator duties (once credentialed)

•Develop and then maintain an active caseload of approximately 30 individuals (variability may occur depending on activity level of cases).
•Regularly complete Comprehensive Service Evaluations, Cross System Crisis Plans, and Clinical Education Team presentations.
•Meet billing targets as assigned.
•Coordinate UMass and Dr. McLaren evaluations as needed.
•Establish and maintain linkages with all providers: vendors, mental health providers, hospitals, and any relevant community agency.
•Provide ongoing systemic consultation.
•Complete all necessary paperwork, data entry, and data collection as requested .
•Provide outreach: home visits, vocational/day prgm visits, hospital visits, crisis situations, etc.
•Provide ongoing follow-up meetings and follow up via phone or email.
•Provide crisis response via clinical support to individuals, families, and their teams.
•Maintain linkages and relationships with community partners.
•Assist with referrals for consultation and treatment as needed.
•Ensure the coordination of support meetings and crisis plans for assigned individuals served through START.
•Participate in recurring meetings with START leadership, clinical education team (provide case presentations on rotation) and respite program .
•Provide home visits, and visits to day and vocational settings as needed.
•Establish working relationships with local and state mental health treatment programs along with its relationship with developmental services system. Assist families and staff to access these programs.
•Establish working relationships with psychiatric inpatient units. Assist individuals, families and staff with admissions and discharges including documentation retrieval.
•Establish working relationships with relevant community agencies and staff and liaison with them on individuals who are being served by the Gateways Community Services assigned.
•In times of crises, provide clinical support to individuals and families of people who have significant mental health illnesses as well as the, Gateways Community Services and vendor staff who work with them.

Advocacy Role:
•Advocate for the needs and wants of the individual
•Report any human right violations or service concerns
•Promote and protect individual rights

Nashua, New Hampshire
Gateways Community Services
Danielle Fuller