Social Worker / Counselor - Mental Health Clinic

Work with Students

  • Student observation
  • Individual counseling
  • Small group counseling
  • Supervise external therapists
  • Develop, and deliver when appropriate, curriculum materials on Social Emotional Learning

Work with Families

  • Conduct new family interviews
  • Function as point person for all parent volunteer opportunities
  • First point of contact for families seeking assistance
  • Develop and either deliver or outsource delivery of parent education curriculum
  • Holds coffees for parents, including first day of school and occasional grade level coffees
  • Coordinates work of Home-School Association
  • Arrange Family BBQ in July and Family Holiday Party in December
  • Works closely with Head and Ass’t Head on family situations impacting students

Work with Faculty/Staff

  • Member of Admissions Committee
  • Participate in weekly grade level meetings, serving as a resource for student behavioral and emotional issues
  • Briefs staff on relevant background info on students
  • Identify or develop SEL materials for delivery by advisors/teachers
  • Work with Learning Specialist in identifying students requiring psycho-ed testing
  • Work with Learning Specialist in coordinating testing program, including testing, parent/guardian interview, feedback session, and implementation of recommendations
  • Consults with staff on appropriate interventions for individual students
  • With Head and Ass’t Head, works closely with parents/guardians of students of concern
  • Assist Graduate Support with alums who need mental health services and with planning Parent Evening Seminars

Work with External Resources

  • Identify and cultivate external agencies and individuals with whom to partner in providing student, parent and family services to more completely fulfill the WJA mission
  • Participates in weekly supervision with consulting psychologist
  • Works with DCPS and educational advocates on placing boys whose testing shows a disability that cannot be addressed at WJA into an appropriate educational setting
  • Coordinates reporting to Child Protective Services regarding any suspected neglect and/or abuse
  • Consults with outside psychologist on difficult cases.
  • Works to find appropriate referrals for specific issues (depression, ADHD, family death, etc.)
  • Coordinates vision screenings
  • Advertise annually through clinical psych consortium for doctoral intern
  • Maintain a visible WJA presence in mental health circles in the greater DC educational community

Other duties

  • Develop and manage a budget for student and family services in conjunction with Head
  • Respond in a timely manner to Development requests
  • Report to Board of Directors at request of President (usually annually)
  • Other duties as assigned by Head

How to apply

Please submit resumes and letters of interest to:

Ann Clark

Director of Counseling Services


900 Varnum Street NE

Washington, DC20017

fax: 202-832-8098

Washington, District of Columbia
Washington Jesuit Academy
Ann Clark
fax: 202-832-8098
900 Varnum Street, NE, Washington, DC, US