Sixth Grade Teacher

Meadowbrook Waldorf School in Rhode Island, is seeking qualified Waldorf teaching candidates to fill the following full-time position in our school for the 2013-2014 school year:

Grade Six Class Teacher

The rising sixth grade is currently a class of 21 students who have been held by the same class teacher since first grade. They are a well-formed, lively group of students with an active parent body. Two-thirds of these children have been at Meadowbrook since early childhood. We are seeking an experienced teacher to carry this class through middle school.

Meadowbrook Waldorf School currently has 165 students enrolled from early childhood through eighth grade. Our current special subject offerings include German, Latin, handwork, woodworking, movement, music, chorus, strings, and recorder ensemble.

By working together, the faculty, administration, faculty Core Group, the Meadowbrook Parent Association, and the Board of Trustees have created a school organization that is well balanced. We have an effective peer mentoring program and strong support for middle school teachers. Our Integrated Support Group provides guidance to teachers, children and families and has been working effectively with public school systems in our area.

Meadowbrook Waldorf School is a full member of AWSNA and we are proud of our record of growth and fiscal management over the past twelve years. We are currently in the accreditation process with both AWSNA and NEASC.

Our school is on 28 acres of beautiful land with hills, river, and young and old growth trees. Our home, Rhode Island, offers a wide variety of living arrangements: forested rural solitude, traditional small town life, the allure of a coastal resort, even life in an up-and-coming, growing Northeastern city (Providence) boasting great universities and cultural life. Teachers here can choose between course offerings at Antioch New England and Sunbridge College (both less than three hours’ drive from Meadowbrook).

Meadowbrook Waldorf School offers a base salary of $32,000, and includes as standard full-time benefits health insurance, professional development support, tuition remission, and relocation assistance. Teachers who have a at least a bachelor’s degree, have completed a Waldorf teacher training program, and have experience in the classroom are welcome to contact, Su Rubinoff ( or the school office:

Meadowbrook Waldorf School
300 Kingstown Rd
West Kingston, Rhode Island
401-491-9570 x 228

Richmond, Rhode Island
Meadowbrook Waldorf School
Su Rubinoff