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Since 2004, the Incentive Mentoring Program (IMP) has been a community working together towards mutual growth. IMP is a non-profit organization that engages underperforming high school students confronting significant barriers outside of the classroom by providing each one with a family of committed volunteers and increased access to community resources. IMP fosters students’ academic advancement and personal growth into self-motivated, resilient and responsible citizens. IMP Students are enrolled in the program for at least eight years. To date, 100% of students have been retained and 100% have graduated from high school (or received an equivalent degree). IMP creates a family of support for everyone, not just the students. We never give up on anyone in the IMP Family.

Position Description

IMP is seeking a Site Director (SD) to operate and manage the IMP site at ACCE ; JHU Homewood. The SD will oversee 200+ undergraduate, graduate, and other volunteers from the Baltimore community to provide tutoring, mentorship, and social services support to IMP students. Reporting to the COO, this position has a minimum two-year commitment to provide continuity for IMP Students and volunteers. The physical and psychological demands of the position can be unpredictable, and the SD must prepare to be available to students and volunteers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to offer support in times of crisis (e.g. a parent losing a job, a domestic dispute, passing of a family member, etc). The need to meet outside of traditional work hours may arise from crisis situations involving the students, but also to accommodate the schedules of IMP volunteers where meetings and other communication are necessary. Actual work schedule will vary from week to week and at times hours are unpredictable, requiring the SD to arrive early or stay late. IMP offers a flexible work schedule and environment, with some opportunity to schedule work hours at home where appropriate. IMP is a nationally recognized social venture looking for passionate individuals to join our dynamic team.

Duties and Responsibilities

Leadership Management

  • Recruit, train, and retain volunteer leadership including GrandParents (GP) and Heads of Household (HOH)
  • Assist GPs and HOHs in working collaboratively with IMP Family members to identify individual needs of students/families and provide targeted interventions through daily after school tutoring session, SAT preparatory sessions, college planning activities, community service activities, special social events, and summer internships
  • Grow and foster the IMP culture to encompass the core competencies of the program: never giving on a student or volunteer, encouraging bottom-up culture, and learning to fail successfully
  • Support year round volunteer recruitment


  • Build positive, long-term relationship with IMP students, families and volunteers
  • Maintain and develop relationships with administrators to track student behavior and disciplinary actions
  • Provide critical input to the development of Programs and Services and support the development and maintenance of program infrastructure to meet the needs of the organization.


  • Follow all financial policies/procedures and manage site budget
  • Precisely gather, record, track, and analyze critical IMP performance metrics
  • Set standards for accountability and measurements of success for volunteers
  • Ensure all site operations are aligned with IMP vision, mission and goals


– Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s Degree in a related field preferred

– One year of relevant work experience working with underperforming youth preferred

– Experience with tracking, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data sets

– Experience working with and overseeing volunteers

– Strong candidates would possess the following attributes: positive attitude; self-motivated; ability to problem solve; humble and willing to encourage critical feedback from volunteers, interested in improving success of program

– Experience building positive relationships with volunteers, community partners, parents, or teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds

– Willingness to work unusual hours to accommodate for the demands of the position (candidates must also be willing to conduct evening meetings at least twice per week)

– Ability to make minimum two-year commitment to the position

Compensation: IMP offers salary commensurate with experience and generous benefits.

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