Shelter Worker, MSI/JSI

Qualifications: Prefer a minimum of one year experience working with homeless individuals in a shelter environment. Ability to relate well to others; ability to work independently. Spanish-speaking helpful. Education related to serving marginalized populations or in the social services very helpful.

Responsibilities: The Shelter Worker is responsible for the health and safety of program participants. This is accomplished through a thorough understanding and execution of facility policies and protocols


  1. Be available to welcome new participants and supervise move-ins and move-outs as needed.
  2. Work cooperatively with other staff in assisting clients toward the goals of permanent housing and stable income.
  3. Notify Case Management staff in case of emergency relating to shelter participants, including illegal activity, violence, failure to observe critical rules and medical emergency.
  4. Call police or other appropriate authorities if social work staff cannot be reached, or an emergency response required.
  5. Provide information and emergency supplies to clients as needed.
  6. Identify and inform Associate Program Director or Program Director regarding maintenance issues.
  7. Daily: Read the logbook and make notations; complete other record-keeping duties as necessary. Meet with Associate and/or Program Director as scheduled; attend Staff meetings, assigned trainings, and other meetings as needed.
  8. Monitor client activities within the shelter; maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere; ensure client adherence to program rules, especially regarding clean and sober behavior.
  9. Monitor night and weekend activity at program site to ensure that rules are observed by participants; monitor and record arrivals and departures of client families.
  10. Maintain cordial relations with neighbors.
  11. Distribute mail to clients on the weekends.
  12. Take messages off client and office phones as assigned.
  13. Assist with chore completion and clean-up as needed.
  14. Assist with organizations of supplies and donations and assist in maintaining current inventory of supplies and donations.
  15. Assist with evening volunteer activities as assigned.
  16. Accept donations on weekends or as needed.
  17. Maintain a clean and sober environment
  18. Perform other related duties as assigned.

How to apply

Application process: Please email with a custom cover letter and resume with “Shelter Worker, MSI/JSI” as the subject line.

Menlo Park, California
InnVision Shelter Network

181 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, US