Shellfish Assessment Assistant Project Leader

 Duties & Responsibilities:
The Shellfish Assessment Assistant Project Leader assists the shellfish and estuary habitat assessment project which generates quantitative data to describe shellfish communities in selected bays and estuaries throughout Oregon. S/he provides technical assistance with sampling design and logistics, leads field staff in conducting the assessment work, oversees the daily field activities of seasonal staff, and independently conducts summarization, analysis and reporting of the results of the assessment surveys. Major duties and responsibilities are to:
* Assist project leader in designing and implementing shellfish and estuary habitat assessment project:
• Assist in design, development, and implementation of field studies that quantify the abundance, biomass, and spatial distribution of shellfish communities, especially bay clams, in Oregon estuaries and bays. These surveys will also be used to map estuarine inter tidal habitat and determine habitat associations for important recreational shellfish species. Assist in the development of study strategies and protocols. Acquire, maintain, repair and inventory essential equipment, and order necessary supplies.
• Lead and oversee field crews to conduct studies, including training of seasonal staff, developing sampling schedules, and assigning work tasks. Participate as field sampler to collect pertinent data on estuarine habitat and shellfish species. Work directly with field crews to assure quality control of collected data.
* Analyze project datasets, conduct data analysis, and prepare formal reports of project studies:
• Review and edit survey data for completeness and accuracy. Evaluate field and laboratory protocols to maintain internal quality and to ensure that data is comparable among estuaries and over time.

• Assist in the development of data management plans for the project. Maintain and update the long-term datasets for the project (Access, GIS). Respond to department, inter agency, and public requests for project data.

• Compute, tabulate, summarize, and graph data collected by the project. Conduct statistical analyses to develop research conclusions. Prepare reports based on research results, including agency technical and informational reports as well as papers for peer reviewed scientific journals. Prepare and give oral presentations of project results to staff, academic, general public or professional groups.
• Develop maps and other GIS data products to guide sampling efforts and illustrate spatial information about shellfish communities. Assist with GIS analysis of shellfish populations and estuarine habitat to support shellfish management. Maintain GPS equipment, software, and map templates. Maintain and update meta data for GIS data layers.

Working Conditions

• Requires frequent overnight travel to study sites.

• Requires both indoor and outdoor work. Outdoor work includes frequent long distance travel to shellfish study locations at irregular hours in all kinds of weather. Sampling is conducted on docks, estuary, and beach shoreline, estuary mud flats, in small boats in estuaries, and outer coast rocky areas.

• This position requires a Boater Education Card obtained through the Oregon State Marine Board. There are some exceptions to this (e.g., Coast Guard Boat Operator License or commercial fishing license). For further information, access the Web site at On your application, be sure to indicate in the Certificates & Licenses section if you have a card. If the selected applicant does not possess a card, s/he must obtain it before completion of the trial service period as a condition of continued employment.

• This position has been designated as sensitive in that the incumbent in this position has access to confidential/fiscal-related information. The successful candidate will be subject to an initial criminal history background check with fingerprinting and will be subject to annual criminal history checks thereafter. Continued employment is contingent upon passing the criminal history background check.

• Requires a flexible work schedule that varies in the number of hours worked on a daily basis, but not necessarily each day, or a work schedule in which the starting and stopping times vary on a daily basis, but not necessarily each day. Requires being away from home for up to five days at time.

NOTE: You must have a valid driver license and an acceptable driving record. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will check driving records for in-state finalists. Out-of-state finalists will be required to present a current driving record for review.

NOTE: Within three-days of hire, applicants will be required to complete the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s I-9 form confirming authorization to work in the United States. ODFW participates in E-Verify. ODFW is not able to support VISA sponsorships.

 Qualifications & Desired Attributes:
Minimum Qualifications

• Two years of biological experience performing studies, research, or resource management activities in a fish or wildlife program that included one year of at least two of the following: gathering data, analyzing data, or preparing reports, and a Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries or Wildlife Science, or a closely-related Bachelor’s degree with at least 45 quarter (30 semester) hours of biological/ecological coursework; or three additional years of  biological experience performing studies, research, or resource management activities in a fish or wildlife program; OR

• One year of biological experience performing studies, research, or resource management activities in a fish or wildlife program that included at least two of the following: gathering data, analyzing data, or preparing reports, and a Master’s degree in Fisheries or Wildlife Science, or a closely-related Master’s degree in biological/ecological sciences; OR

• A Doctorate degree in Fisheries or Wildlife Science, or a closely-related Doctorate degree in biological/ecological sciences.

Applicants who have obtained a Master’s degree or Doctorate that included work experience from an internship, work/study, thesis, or similar program may list this experience in their application to receive credit for the work experience. The Master’s degree/Doctorate and applicable work experience will be considered separately and both the education and applicable experience may count toward minimum qualifications.

Note: Your application materials must clearly describe how you meet these qualifications. Answers to the supplemental questions must be supported in the “Work Experience” section of your Oregon E-Recruit application.

Note: A copy of all transcripts (if education is required to qualify) must be attached at the time of application in order to receive credit for college degrees or coursework. Transcripts must include coursework and indicate that a degree was conferred. Online transcripts are acceptable. Official or original transcripts are not required; however, they may be required to validate education.

Desired Attributes

Preference will be given to applicants with experience:

• Working on a project as part of a team of three or more people

• Writing progress reports, technical reports, manuscripts, report citations, and/or scientific publications

• Analyzing complex datasets, conducting statistical analyses, and preparing tables and figures summarizing results

• Developing scientific information databases

• Using Microsoft Access and ArcGIS software

• Planning, organizing and conducting ecological field studies in inter tidal and/or estuarine environments

• Operating and maintaining small boats in shallow waters and estuaries

• Knowledge of the biology and ecology of inter tidal shellfish, especially bay clams, commonly found in Oregon estuaries

• Knowledge of the ecology and distribution of inter tidal marine vegetation species (e.g., eelgrass, macro algae) commonly found in Oregon estuaries

• Speaking in public and delivering scientific presentations for technical audiences

• As a team leader conducting ecological field studies

 Additional Information:

Your answers to the supplemental questions must be supported by the work experience provided in your Oregon E-Recruit application or you may not be considered for this position.

Resumes will not replace the completed Work Experience section in your online application. You may be disqualified if your work experience does not include information used to: 1) meet the minimum qualifications of the job and 2) back up your answers to the supplemental questions.
Only complete applications will be considered. Be sure to answer all supplemental questions and attach all required documents. Late submissions will not be accepted.

If you need assistance with adding attachments to your profile or to a specific job posting please go to Adding and Removing Attachments to a Profile and Job Posting for further instructions.  This quick help guide can also be found on the State Jobs Page by clicking in the Applicant E-Recruit FAQ’s then click on Applicant Profile Maintenance.

Note: A resume (text or attached) will not be reviewed for work experience unless stated in the job posting that it is a required attachment.

To apply, follow the “Apply” link above and complete the Oregon Employment Application online. You must click the ‘Confirm’ button at the end of the application by the posted close date to be considered for the job posting. All application materials (including transcripts) must be received by the closing date/date posted on this job posting.


Interviews: Qualified applicants whose responses most closely match the minimum qualifications and desired attributes for this position will be invited to an interview. If called for an interview, applicants will be asked to sign a reference authorization and release form at the time of interview.

Reasonable accommodations for interviews will be provided upon request to individuals with disabilities.

If you are experiencing difficulty applying for this position or have questions, please contact the ODFW Human Resources office at 503-947-6051.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE – Email Addresses Now Required**
The state of Oregon is now requiring all applications have a valid email address.

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