Seasonal Coatue Shorebird Monitor and Property Ranger

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Inc. ( is seeking a motivated, independent, enthusiastic, and self-reliant Shorebird Monitor/Ranger to reside and work on its Coatue and Haulover barrier beach properties. The Coatue Shorebird Monitor/Ranger will monitor and protect rare beach-nesting shorebirds, patrol the properties, and interact positively and professionally with visitors. Previous shorebird monitoring and nest searching experience is required for this position.

• Reside in and maintain the Foundation’s Coatue Ranger Station during the summer season (May 15 through August 30).
• Conduct daily patrols of the Foundation’s Coatue and Haulover barrier beach properties. Interact in a positive and professional manner with property visitors and provide information and assistance as needed. Communicate regularly with the Foundation’s Properties Maintenance Department staff regarding issues encountered.
• Locate and monitor nesting piping plovers, least terns, and American oystercatchers on the refuge. Install and maintain fencing, signs, and vehicle closures to comply with state and federal nesting shorebird protection regulations, as directed.
• Observe breeding activities, hatching, and fledging of piping plovers, least terns, and American oystercatchers. Accurately record sightings of color-banded birds. Maintain neat and detailed data sheets containing information on the identity and productivity of individual pairs monitored, protection measures taken, observed evidence of predation events, and other limiting factors.
• Coordinate shorebird monitoring responsibilities with Science and Stewardship Department staff. Report observations at regularly scheduled shorebird monitor meetings with local partner organizations.
• Remove trash and maintain roads, trails, and infrastructure as needed.
• Maintain daily records of recreational activities occurring on the property.
• Conduct basic maintenance of equipment, 4WD truck, ATV, and tools provided.
• Assist scientific investigators working on the properties when necessary.
• Other such duties as may be required.

• Employee must agree to work full-time from May 15th through August 30th.
• Full-time residence in the Coatue Ranger station on the refuge property is required.
• Job duties are generally conducted during a five day work week, including Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and two additional weekdays.
• Work on the Memorial Day and Independence Day holiday weekends are mandatory, including the evening(s) of scheduled fireworks displays.

Compensation is based on 40 hours per week; hourly wage is commensurate with experience.

Workman’s Compensation Insurance is provided. Medical Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, paid holidays, and paid sick days are not available to seasonal employees.

• A valid driver’s license is required.
• Previous shorebird monitoring and nest searching experience is required for this position.
• Strong preference will be given to applicants with demonstrable experience in property and equipment maintenance, driving 4WD trucks and ATVs in soft sand, use of hand tools and machinery, and environmental education.
• Neat handwriting and good data recording and organizational skills are essential.
• Ability to deal effectively with the public is critical. Personality attributes should include being friendly, courteous, non-confrontational, and presentable.
• Degree in Biology, Wildlife Management, Environmental Studies, or other related area is preferred.

• This is a field intensive position and applicants must be able to tolerate adverse environmental conditions. Field work regularly requires hiking extensive distances in soft sand while hauling and installing heavy fencing and signs. Work during inclement weather conditions and exposure to poison ivy and biting insects (including mosquitoes and deer ticks) is possible.
• Living accommodations at the Coatue Ranger Station are isolated and primitive (no electricity, no running water, no shower, portable toilet). Water, supplies, and equipment must be portaged to the Ranger Station in the 4WD truck provided by the Foundation. Mosquitoes, green head flies, and no-see-ums can be plentiful at certain times during the season. Poison ivy is locally abundant.
• Nantucket has a high incidence of tick-borne diseases. Field work associated with this position often requires traversing habitats where ticks may be present.
• The Ranger Station is equipped with a refrigerator, stove, and several lamps powered by propane. A cellular phone is provided for work-related use.
• Facilities for shopping, mail, laundry, etc. are all located in Nantucket town, an approximate 1 hour drive away. These errands must be taken care of during non-work hours.

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation is a private, nonprofit land trust that owns and manages 8,900 acres of conservation property located on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts (approximately 33 miles south of Cape Cod). The Foundation’s Coatue and Haulover properties are remote barrier beach refuge areas located in the northeastern portion of the island. For more information on our properties, mission, and projects please see the Foundation’s website (

Application deadline is Friday January 17, 2014 by 5pm. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
For a complete application, please submit ONE DOCUMENT which includes a cover letter, resume, contact information for three professional references.

All applications must be submitted online at:

• On the application page, click the I’m Interested button.
• On the popup window – click Apply with Resume
• When prompted to upload your Resume – please upload ONE DOCUMENT containing a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references.

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