Science Teachers

I’m on the Board of Directors of the East Burke School, a very small 9-12 independent school up here in the NEK, which has just been taken over by a new principal, who is working hard to take the school sustainably forward. In January she’s adopting a new, almost entirely project based curriculum for the 11 students there, and is hiring for math and science. These teachers will work largely as coaches to facilitate student learning through independent projects, and will monitor and assess progress on common core standards, filling in gaps with lessons and direct instruction as needed. They should be excited about this evolving project-of-a-school, and working collaboratively with Yvonne to develop the program and infrastructure it needs.

Can you think of anyone who might be interested? Have them get in touch with me, or Yvonne Woodcock, Principal, at

East Burke, Vermont
East Burke School
Jane Miller