Science Teacher

  • Do you want to change the face of education?
  • Do you believe that all students can achieve?
  • Are you committed to the transformation of disconnected, underserved youth?

The Phoenix Charter Academy Network currently operates two high schools in Massachusetts- one in Chelsea and one in Lawrence- with plans to open up to four additional schools in the next five years. The Phoenix Network is the only network of schools in Massachusetts that operates both charter and traditional, in-district schools. We are at the forefront of education, particularly alternative education, in Massachusetts.

Phoenix Charter Academy (Phoenix) Chelsea is our flagship charter school. It currently serves up 210 students each year, preparing them for college through rigorous academics (AP courses, small class sizes, one-on-one tutoring) and intensive socio-emotional supports (student support team, school-wide incentive systems, social workers). The mission of PCA Chelsea, and all Phoenix schools, is to challenge teenagers with an academically rigorous and individually tailored curriculum. Talented students who have not succeeded in other schools will have the support, resources and training needed at PCA to succeed academically in high school and college, and become economically secure in their future. Phoenix Charter Academy is named after a mythological figure of strength, healing and renewal. We believe in the capacity of our students to regain control of their academic future and recast themselves as strong, independent and self-sufficient adults.

We specifically target former dropouts, previously truant students, teenage parents, recent immigrants, and other students who have not seen success in regular public schools. Despite these challenges, Phoenix students are achieving at high levels, outpacing their district peers, and entering and succeeding in college. Phoenix was named “a model to be replicated” in June of 2009 by WBUR’s “Project Dropout” series and “an inspiration for kids to dream big” by the Boston Globe.

To learn more about our network and individual schools, we strongly urge you to check out our website at and watch this video:

We are looking for a mission-driven, hard-working, entrepreneurial individual to be a Science, Humanities/Foreign Language, or Mathematics Teacher at our Chelsea campus for the 2013-2014 school year.

Position Summary

All teachers at Phoenix Chelsea are game-changers for our scholars. They go above and beyond expectations to ensure that our students are academically and socio-emotionally prepared for success beyond high school and through college.

Specific Responsibilities

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Develop and implement creative, student-centered lessons to four core-block classes Monday through Friday.
  • Employ creative methods to reach all learners (before and after school tutoring, lunch review sessions, hands-on lessons).
  • Differentiate instruction for leaners of all skill levels. Collaborate with other departments (Academic Support, ESL) to ensure effective instruction for all students.
  • Utilize micro and macro student data to inform all instruction.

Individual Professional Development

  • Collaborate with other teachers, staff, and leaders during weekly professional development, departmental meetings, and supervision.
  • Commit to growing professionally through consistent and constant feedback and reflection. Remain humble and relentless while receiving this feedback.
  • Share curriculum materials with coworkers using online storage system. Utilize and effectively adapt materials provided to you through this storage system.
  • Engage with students, teachers, and other staff in a way that promotes a safe and diverse environment. Continuously evaluate the quality of diverse perspectives, traditions, cultures, and backgrounds found in our curriculum.

School and Staff Culture

  • Internalize mission and make it central to all decisions and actions inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Create a positive, safe, and professional learning environment for all students.
  • Create personal, warm relationships with all students, always holding hope for them.
  • Acknowledge positive student behavior or achievement and reward students during class and school community meetings.
  • Communicate regularly with parents/adult supporters through phone calls, email correspondence, and/or in-person meetings.

How to apply

Send resume and cover letter to

If you are applying as a science teacher put “Science Teacher, Chelsea” in the title. If you are applying as a humanities teacher put “Humanities/Foreign Language Teacher, Chelsea” in the title. If you are applying as a math teacher put “Math Teacher, Chelsea” in the title.

We will contact you if your qualifications match our needs. No phone calls please.

The Phoenix Charter Academy Network does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

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