Science and Gardening Teacher

We are looking for a Science & Gardening teacher to work with each of our three classrooms during the regular-day program, and to co-teach a mixed-age group of children for our Extended Day program 3-4 times/week. This position is for the 2014-2015 school year.

The Science & Gardening Teacher’s responsibilities include: developing and implementing a Garden curriculum for our regular-day program inspired by Edible Schoolyard, working with teachers to integrate scientific concepts into investigation-based curricula, implementing the Extended Day curriculum along with our Extended Day Teacher 3-4 times/week and meeting with teaching teams & the Director of Education weekly. This is a full-time position of 35 hours a week, during the school year of September – June, with the possibility of continued work during the summer program in July and August.

Qualified applicants should have experience teaching Science and/or Gardening to young children. Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field; a degree in Science Education and/or NYS Teacher certification is a plus. The ideal candidate would have experience working in preschool classrooms in a collaborative team environment and have a familiarity with progressive approaches such as Reggio and Montessori.

About Us: We believe that all children have the desire, ability, and motivation to learn about their world. We seek to nurture these natural impulses by providing an environment for learning and discovery that is supportive, stimulating, and challenging. Each child is seen as a unique individual and is given the opportunity to follow their instincts, direct, and take ownership over their learning. Simultaneously, teachers provide the structure, guidance, and challenges that children need to thrive.

We believe that the aesthetics of the learning environment are important — children find wonder and inspiration in materials, and are drawn to beauty in their environments. Our classrooms are arranged to provide a structured, consistent, and inspirational base for learning, and are filled with carefully chosen materials.

Our approach to curriculum development begins with what we know about the needs of children in their early childhood — physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. We believe that the “best practice” of early childhood education involves finding a balance between supporting children’s needs in all of these areas in order to truly support the “whole” child. Each year we work to develop a true community of learners who are equipped at this early period of development to think critically and to respect, support, and learn from all the members of their community.

How to apply

Please email a resume and cover letter to:

Emily Rabinowitz-Buchanan, Director of Education

Brooklyn, New York
Red Hook Playgroup
Emily Rabinowitz-Buchanan,

Red Hook Playgroup, Brooklyn, NY, 11231, US