Science Coordinator

Fish & Wildlife Biologist
Full-Time Permanent
Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Ventures Migratory Bird Program

1 vacancy in the following location(s):
Vicksburg, MS
Ridgeland, MS

Open:  12.05.12       Close:  12.18.12

The LMVJV Office is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the partnership’s efforts in all aspects of bird conservation planning, design, implementation, monitoring, research, and evaluation. As Science Coordinator for the LMVJV, the incumbent’s major operational responsibility is guiding and developing the partnership’s scientific basis for these
efforts.  The primary responsibilities of the position are providing products from habitat and population modeling to the LMVJV Management Board and partners, developing scientifically sound and statistically valid monitoring and evaluation protocols, directing the efforts of the LMVJV Technical Committees, and coordinating with multiple state, federal and private partners in the development of research, planning, design, monitoring and evaluation activities in support of bird habitat conservation within  both BCR’s of the LMVJV area.  Under the leadership of the LMVJV Coordinator, the incumbent will work closely and collaboratively with the Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks LCC  Science Coordinator toward achieving the shared conservation objectives of both partnerships.

Specifically, the Science Coordinator develops, coordinates and participates in research, habitat and population modeling efforts that strengthen and refine the biological and scientific basis for bird population and habitat objectives developed for the LMVJV.  Leads and provides support for research focused on assessing population response to conservation actions; develops population-based conservation objectives; and coordinates the adaptive refinement of LMVJV objectives and science products.  Seeks out partnerships and funding opportunities with state and federal land-managing agencies, universities, non-government conservation organizations and other entities and individuals to garner support and additional resources for the science initiatives of the LMVJV.

Vicksburg, Mississippi
U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Human Resources