Residential Team Leader



DEPARTMENT: Montgomery Station


JOB TITLE: Residential Team Leader


REPORTS TO: Residential Manager







  1. Administrative
    1. Ensures COMAR regulation compliance of staff delivering medically necessary services through direct involvement and participation of the individual rehabilitation planning process.
    2. Provides continuous administrative and rehabilitative supervision, for individual, group work, and case management services for all counselors assigned to the Residential Program and keeps notes for each supervision meeting.
    3. Completes annual evaluations of direct supervisees and submits to the RRP Manager for review and sign-off.
    4. Assists with the hiring and termination of program staff.
    5. Tracks RRP consumer hospitalizations, admissions, inactivity, discharges, suspensions, paid employment (maintained, obtained, lost, or volunteer outside of MS), in-house and external referrals of clients assigned to her/his counselors’ caseload and provides this in a monthly report submitted to the RRP Manager no later than the 5th of each month.
    6. Serves on the Management Team and is responsible for carrying out assigned, related duties in accordance with established policies, protocols, and procedures.
    7. In conjunction with the RRP Manager, ensures compliance with regulatory agencies (e.g. COMAR) and payer source (e.g. Medicaid) requirements.
    8. Ensures that FSI and MS administrative and clinical policies and procedures are implemented with regard to client care, program development, administration, and implementation.
    9. Identifies coverage needs for the Residential Program as a whole and in conjunction with other MS Managers, implements a coverage plan to ensure continuity and quality of services.
    10. Assists with ensuring the off-site facilities (physical space) are maintained in a clean, safe, and therapeutic environment.
    11. Provides coverage/substitutes as needed for Rehabilitation Counselors in their absence.
    12. Completes and submits all forms regarding compensation, time off, and billing within the time frames allotted.
    13. Completes and submits for filing all required documentation for client’s RRP record.
    14. Attends all MS staff meetings.
  1. Direct Service
    1. Functions as a member of the team for each client assigned to his/her counselors’ caseload.
    2. Provides coverage for all supervisees in case of absence.
    3. Participates in Individual Rehabilitation Plan and/or other provider meetings as needed in conjunction with rehabilitation staff.
    4. Consults and collaborates with team members, external providers and clients on the development and implementation of individual rehabilitation plans.
    5. Provides (24 hour) back-up coverage for counselors on-call for one week, on a rotating basis.


The RRP Team Leader occupying this position will possess a Bachelor’s degree in a Human Services oriented field with at least two years of experience in psychiatric rehabilitation or related experience. Two additional years of experience may be substituted for the degree. Supervisory experience preferred. CPRP certification required within one year of starting position.

RRP Team Leaders must be able to effectively communicate with outside providers, agencies and family members in writing and verbally. RRP Team Leaders must be comfortable with Word, Outlook and have basic computer skills.


How to apply

To Apply:

Email resume and cover letter to or fax to 240-631-9356

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