Research Associateship Programs -- Environmental Protection Agency

Program Number: 58607
Title: Research Associateship Programs — Environmental
Protection Agency
Establish Date: 11/1/2000
Follow Up Date: 6/1/2015
Review Date: 5/28/2014

Sponsor: National Research Council
Sponsor Type: Professional/Academic Assoc & Soc.
Contact: Dr. Eric Basques
Address: Fellowship Programs Office
Associateship Programs
500 Fifth Street, NW
Tel: 202-334-2707
Program URL:

Deadline Information
Deadline(s) : 8/1/2014, 11/1/2014, 2/1/2015, 5/1/2015
Deadline Ind : Receipt
Deadline Open: No (* See Restrictions for details)

Program Information:
Cost Sharing: No
CFDA Number:
Funding Limit: 50,000
Indirect Costs: Unspecified
Duration: 0
Cost Sharing Percent: 0
Indirect Cost Cap: 0
Sponsor Program Number:
Proposal Restrcitions : No

Applicant Type(s): Doctoral-Midcareer/Senior Invst.; Postdoctoral;
Applicant Type(s): Young Investigator/Junior Faculty;
Award Type(s): In-Residence;Research Grants/R & D;Temporary Government

Geographical Restrictions: NO RESTRICTIONS;
Locations Tenable: U.S.A. Institution (including U.S. Territories);


The mission of the NRC Research Associateship Programs (RAP) is to promote
excellence in scientific and technological research conducted by the U. S. government
through the administration of programs offering graduate, postdoctoral, and senior level research opportunities at sponsoring federal laboratories and affiliated institutions.


The objectives of the Research Associateship Programs are: to provide
postdoctoral and senior scientists and engineers of unusual promise and
ability opportunities for research on problems, largely of their own
choice that are compatible with the interests of the sponsoring
laboratories; and to, thereby, contribute to the overall efforts of the
laboratories. For recent doctoral graduates, the Research Associateship
Programs provide an opportunity for concentrated research in association
with selected members of the permanent professional laboratory staff.
For established scientists and engineers, the Research Associateship
Programs afford an opportunity for research without the interruptions and
distracting assignments of permanent career positions.


Research opportunities at EPA are open to U.S. citizens, permanent
residents and non-U.S. citizens. Research opportunities at EPA are open to
Regular and Senior applicants.


The current annual stipend for a Postdoctoral Research Associate is
$50,000. A travel allotment of $3,000 will be given. All Associates will
receive a stipend increase after one year of tenure. (cas)

Washington, District of Columbia
Environmental Protection Agency, Fellowship Programs Office
Eric Basques
Washington, District of Columbia
United States