Research Assistant

Position Description:
I am a PhD candidate in the Psychology Department at Emory University studying Neuroscience and Animal Behavior. I will be conducting research for my dissertation in the field at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station ( in Ecuador with a group of habituated white-bellied spider monkeys (Ateles belzebuth). Specifically, I’m looking at the males’ roles in social relationship maintenance in high fission-fusion societies.

If you’re interested in the project, please e-mail me with a brief description of yourself and I will send more details about the site, the project, and expectations I have for research assistants.

– B.A. or B.S. in Biology, Anthropology, Psychology, Zoology, or related field.

– Interest in pursuing research that is related in some way to animal behavior.

– Ability to hike on challenging terrain in very hot weather for 8-12 hours/day.

– Previous research experience preferred, but not mandatory.

– Spanish language skills are also preferred, but a willingness to learn en situ is also acceptable.

– Love of the great outdoors and a sense of adventure! There will be many days that are taxing, tedious, and frustrating, so if you aren’t passionate about animal behavior research or if you don’t love the outdoors, you will be miserable!

Travel to and from the site (one passage to the site and one passage away from the site) as well as room and board (which includes housing, food, linens, and laundry services) for the duration of your stay will be provided. Additional costs, such as wifi connection, travel within Ecuador, and additional trips to and from the site will not be covered. There will be no salary, but I would be happy to write letters of recommendation!

Term of Appointment:
5 months

Application Deadline:
August 15, 2013

This research is in collaboration with Dr. Anthony Di Fiore, Dr. Andrés Link, and Dr. Frans de Waal.

Atlanta, Georgia
Emory University
Taylor Rubin

Psychology and Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, 36 Eagle Row
Atlanta, GA 30322