Property Manager - Land of Providence

The (Seasonal) Property Manager (PM) is the lead on-property Trustees staff at the 26- acres Land of Providence (LOP) and is responsible for duties involving management, preservation and protection. The Property Manager's goal is to maintain LOP at an exemplary level of stewardship, providing an exceptional opportunity for all members of the Holyoke community to enjoyably connect to the natural world and to experience firsthand the value of land conservation when they visit the property.

The PM reports to the CT River Valley Management Unit Superintendent, works closely with other Trustees staff such as the Holyoke Education Coordinator and the Youth Conservation Corps Supervisor, and collaborates with the NR staff and farmers.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

•Maintain LOP grounds at an "exemplary" level of stewardship. For example:
?Brush and invasive plant cutting and removal, mowing, grubbing, weeding, planting, brush sawing, chipping, and trail clearing and watering
?Constructing, maintaining, and inspecting parking areas, trails, and fences
?Removing trash and litter
?Create, plant, and maintain trees and shrubs, grasslands and woodlands
•Care for the plants in the on-site nursery and perform greenhouse maintenance
•Steward the floodplain restoration project through watering, weeding and re-planting
•Clean and perform routine maintenance and repair to equipment and tools
•Maintain the onsite, management unit and vehicle storage areas organized and clean
•Install, maintain and improve farm infrastructure and interpretive materials such as signage

•The PM is responsible for actively communicating with all of the many different people and groups that use the property to avoid conflicts of use. This will likely include the maintenance of an online calendar and regular planning meetings with Trustees and Nuestras Raices staff.
•The PM is the first-tier emergency contact at LOP.
•Ensure the rules and regulations of the property are observed and followed by visitors and onsite farmers.
•For assistance with onsite stewardship projects, especially the restoration/greenhouse project:
?Recruit, supervise, and cultivate a small, core group of regular volunteers
?Coordinate, help publicize and lead of volunteer events as needed
•Represent and promote The Trustees in alignment with organizational messaging guidelines
•Properly wearing a Trustees' provided uniform is required at all times.
•Support the Holyoke Education Coordinator (HEC) in planning and staffing Farm and River Day, and support the HEC in the Trustees' role at Nuestras Raices' Fall Harvest Festival.

•Conduct themselves safely at all times and in accordance with The Trustees safety manual
•The PM may be responsible for working with the Superintendent and Holyoke Youth Conservation Corps (HYCC) Supervisor to plan and supervise on-site stewardship-related activities for the HYCC.
•Though the PM will work 90-95% of their hours at Land of Providence, there will be occasional project and program work at other CTRVMU and perhaps Western Region Properties.
•There will be other duties, assigned by the Superintendent as opportunities present themselves.

Skills, Qualifications, & Experience
•Minimally a High School diploma or equivalent and at least 2 years experience in landscaping, natural resource, vegetation, and/or park maintenance, carpentry, and/or light construction
•Transport to Holyoke to begin work each day
•Able to handle the unexpected: to be flexible and able to think on their feet
•Experience with and proficiency using landscaping tools and equipment (e.g., loppers, shovel, mattock, rakes, brush saw, chain saw, grinder, tamper, etc) and carpentry tools and equipment (e.g. hammer, circular saw, drill, table saw, etc.)
•Must be able to handle the physical demands of the job, which includes a level of physical fitness adequate to enable them to, for example:
?Lift 80 lbs to waist height and maintain 10 lbs over shoulder height for 5 minutes
?Work outdoors for up to 8 hours on their feet in a variety of weather conditions (e.g. hot and humid, cold and rainy)
?Perform all the duties and use all of the types of equipment listed above
•Have, or be willing and able to achieve, basic first aid and CPR certification before start of work
•Basic computer literacy including: Proficiency with Microsoft Office, ability to type at reasonable speeds (approx. 20 wpm), ability to easily navigate the Windows operating system
•A clear driving record and a valid Massachusetts' driver's license; Ability to drive a large truck
•Have, or be willing and able to achieve (at their own expense) basic conversational Spanish
•Highly motivated, capable of working independently and cooperatively with other staff.

•Experience working with a diversity of different types of people, in an outdoor environment.
•Excellent "people skills" to lead, inspire, motivate and work cooperatively and harmoniously with fellow employees, volunteers, committees, members and the public.
•Proven ability to manage and complete multiple projects on-time, in the field and office.
•Advanced carpentry, construction and/or landscape maintenance skills
•Functionally fluent Spanish.
•A valid pesticide applicator license; Chainsaw training and/or certification; and hoisting license

•This position will be exposed to poison ivy (Protective clothing and equipment will be supplied). Anyone with severe allergic reaction to poison ivy should consider this when applying.
•A driving record check, and a CORI check are required to determine eligibility.
•Although this position is located at an active agricultural site, it is not a traditional Farm Manager position with responsibilities to manage day-to-day "running a farm" activities. NR makes the functional managerial decisions relating to the property's agricultural operations.

Dates, Hours, Salary & Benefits
This is a hourly, seasonal position, based at the Land of Providence in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The PM will mostly report to LOP to begin their day and sometimes to the downtown facilities The PM will have use of a Trustees vehicle when needed for their duties. Official Trustees attire will be provided. The position will be 32-34 hours per week from Apr. 1st to Nov. 2nd. The PM will earn $13-15 per hour depending on experience. The work schedule requires regular flexibility for evening and weekend work which includes but is not limited to: attending meetings; participating in/or leading workdays, programs, and/or tours; or to ensure the protection of the property and/or the safety of the visiting public.

Please submit resume, cover letter and three references (preferably electronically) to:

Joshua Berk Knox
CT River Valley Management Unit Superintendent
193 High Street, Holyoke, MA 01040

More Information
The Trustees own and manage the Land of Providence at the southern end of Holyoke, on the Connecticut River for natural and scenic resources as well as for access and enjoyment by the community. A local non-profit, Nuestras Raices (NR), leases the property from The Trustees and manages an active urban agriculture program on-site, which includes vegetable farming, and small livestock. The approximately two dozen local farmers who operate on-site rent plots from NR.

The Trustees are 100,000 people like you who love the outdoors and the distinctive charms of New England, and believe in celebrating and protecting them for current and future generations. Founded by open space visionary Charles Eliot in 1891, The Trustees "hold in trust," and care for, 105 spectacular "reservations" located on more than 26,000 acres in 75 communities throughout Massachusetts. The Trustees also work to promote healthy, active, green communities around the state, by providing hundreds of year-round programs and events that inspire people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the history, nature, and culture of the Commonwealth.

The Trustees of Reservations believes that people and communities are strongly connected to place, and it is our mission to foster stronger connections between communities and their natural and cultural heritage. It is our belief that climate change is the greatest threat to the sustainability of the Commonwealth's landscape and that our success demands that we catalyze widespread action to offset this threat. To succeed, The Trustees must become a broadly inclusive organization that engages and unifies the diverse communities of Massachusetts. The Property Manager is a multifaceted position that supports these values and goals.

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Holyoke, Massachusetts
The Trustees of Reservations
Joshua Berk Knox

193 High Street
Holyoke, Massachusetts 1040