Property Maintenance Supervisor

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation
The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC) is a multifaceted neighborhood development organization created to catalyze strategic neighborhood reinvestment in neighborhoods throughout the City of Youngstown.
The YNDC transforms neighborhoods into meaningful places where people invest time, money, and energy into their homes and neighborhoods; where neighbors have the capacity to manage day to day issues; and where neighbors feel confident about the future of their neighborhood.
The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation is committed to improving the quality of life in Youngstown by building and encouraging neighborhoods of choice for all.
Property Maintenance Supervisor
Work Schedule:
Approximately 35 hours per week Some weekends and evenings required
$12.50per hour
Under the general supervision of the Housing Program Coordinator, the Property Maintenance Supervisor will collaborate with a team of professional staff and partner organizations  in the implementation of property rehabilitation, vacant lot management, and other field and maintenance projects to improve the quality of life in strategic Youngstown neighborhoods. The Property Maintenance Supervisor will work with paid employees
and volunteers to complete these projects and must also be able to work independently.
1.Valid driver’s license and own transportation (mileage reimbursement for on the job
personal vehicle use will be provided).
2. Ability to drive box truck, dump truck, landscaping trailers, and other equipment safely is required.
CDL is NOT required.
3.Knowledge of and ability to train crew members in basic landscaping and construction techniques and basic power tool use.
4.Strong commitment to safety and willingness to train all program participants in good safety practices.
5.Ability to manage multiple projects/workloads simultaneously and prioritize effectively.
6.Excellent communication skills.
7.High level of professional ethics.
8.Ability to effectively communicate the organization’s mission and vision.
9. Ability to work independently of and in collaboration with other staff of the organization
and partners.
10.Ability to obtain EPA Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) certification.
11.Ability to obtain Bobcat skid steer training.
Project Completion and Equipment Maintenance:
1. Complete maintenance projects including: grass cutting, roto-tilling, basic vacant property cleanup, debris removal, watering trees and plants, and special projects as assigned.
2. Complete rehabilitation and repair work to vacant homes including: initial clean out, painting, boarding/securing, landscaping, and other work as assigned.
3. Keep track of tools and equipment and perform basic maintenance tasks, such as simple mower repairs.
4. Assist with the facilitation of home maintenance and other training classes.
5. Work effectively and efficiently to complete projects in a highly self-directed atmosphere.
6. Show initiative in determining maintenance tasks that need attention in strategic neighborhoods.
Supervision of Project Employees and Volunteers:
1. Provide supervision and direction for crews of employees and volunteers.
2. Involve crew members and volunteer workers in all project tasks, providing an educational environment
while focusing on effective task completion.
3. Assist with the organization and completion of community workday projects on Saturdays several times
per month.
4. Demonstrate a solid work ethic, with a focus on quality results and efficient operations.
5. Demonstrate good conflict management skills, helping participants work together as a team.
6. Ensure that proper safety procedures are followed during every task, every day.
Record Keeping and Management:
1. As required, assist with recordkeeping and management including: timesheets, grass cutting logs, vehicle maintenance logs, and property maintenance logs
2. Keep all required records in good order.
Maintain and complete expense reports
and timesheets as directed.
3. Communicate daily with program staff to ensure good project coordination and resolve project
difficulties early. Ask questions and participate as a member of the YNDC team.
To apply, please send cover letter and resume via email. Only send hard copy resume and cover letter if you
cannot access a personal computer.
Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation
820 Canfield Road
Youngstown, Ohio 44511
Equal Opportunity Employer
Youngstown, Ohio
Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC)

820 Canfield Road
Youngstown, Ohio 44511